Disappointed by your pending 50/50 rewards? Don't be!

All is in the matter of perception if you ask me. I know loads of people are feeling demotivated because of the small amount of author rewards they are receiving. And that is where you have to think differently, and see the bigger picture when you start comparing


'Ow mennnn. All of these rewards are going to the curators. That is not fair!' Honestly, I wasn't too happy about this 50/50 HF change when I first saw it, but I have to say...I really to have the feeling that the quality of posts is better divided over posts that are actually quality. Not quality isn't the same for everyone, as some only find extensive letters decent, but that is a matter of what niche you are interested in. I like reading and writing about life, that isn't always quality but it means something. That is different.

When you look at the pending rewards in the image above (thanks @steemchiller for having this awesome steemworld leading site...I really don't know how this SPS proposal thing works, but if I did, you would have my vote hahaha) the reality of author awards if more close to 35% than to 50%......and then still....it is better than it used to be. When Steem was $3 bucks or so...my posts would make about 1.5 Steem per post or less...This is way more now, don't let the price blindsight you!

'But but but but Steem is down to $0.12, my posts are worth nearly nothing' I guess that is what a lot of people are thinking when they are seeing what their actual payout is. But again that is all in the matter of perspective. Think about what you are accumulating now at this $0.12 price and how this will be when Steem gets back into the dollar values. Because let's face it, all alts are down, and actually Steem is holding quite good in the BTC price for the last two months or so.

I have good faith. Last night was already again a good sign of that BTC wants to make moves, and alts (the good ones) are waiting to do the same. Honestly, I don't understand enough of what SMT's will bring. Not that I don't have faith it in, I just don't understand what they actually do ;) Hopefully Steemfest will tell me tons more about this. But what I do understand, is that these features will help the bigger picture of Steem and not being 'just' a blogging blockchain anymore.

With the faith in the price rise of all crypto and the future of Steem..... I have a good vibe about it. So these $0.12 prices? Yeah that is just temporary and for me a moment to get 76 Steem in a week payout, which is worth $560 bucks if you think again in the ATH prices. Is it still too shabby then???

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You know the way we upvote your posts and you get paid in tokens; well SMTs mean any website can roll out their own tokens and pay them out to their users. Those users can then stake or sell them.

26.10.2019 16:44

and these tokens will all be on an exchange then as well and steem is like the mothertoken right?

I am curious what kind of companies (thinking mainstream here) will use these kinds of possibilities. Im one of those who needs examples to see the bigger picture :D

26.10.2019 18:09

Yes, they'll all be exchangeable for Steem, not sure who's building an exchange interface; but I'm sure it'll be rolled out, maybe even as part of steemitwallet.com.
I could see something like etsy.com starting an SMT. Their sellers get the chance to earn tokens with value; their curators get the chance to find gems and upvote them for curation rewards; and the site gets to be organised organically, by those with a financial incentive to send the best stuff to the top.

26.10.2019 18:25

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27.10.2019 01:10

Aw I wish I saw this post and replied first, here's my post expressing my thoughts about the impact of SMT. Hope im not late.


27.10.2019 16:56