How to use steemit key

Many of us do not know how to use steemit password or key. How do we use a password or key today? I will talk about them. Let's not waste time knowing.

Let's introduce with those keys

1.Private Posting Key

2.Private Active Key

3.Private Owner Key

4.Private Memo Key

Basically these keys are use in managing a steemit account. Let's discuss about details.

1.Private Posting Key:

This key is used for posting, commenting, following, voting, muting etc.You can't log in without this key.So keep it carefully. Don't forget. Save privately.

2.Active Key:

This key is used for monetary related activities. It is also used in case of wallet activity. For example, if want to transfer tokens or powering STEEM up & down.

3.Owner Key:

It is very much essential than other keys.That's why it is used to reset up other keys.You are suggested to keep it in offline at all times.If our account are compromised, we have to use it to recover within 30 days.

4.Memo Key:

In case of disposal our fund it is used.Decrypting memos when disposing our funds. Don't share it with others. Be carefully save it.

Do you understand? And keep all the keys in good places. You will need the next key

My #steem friends have written a lot of tarahura. If I make a mistake in writing, please forgive me.

Thanks sso much for reading the post.

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