Low self-esteem as a consequence of toxic friendships



Mental health is essential for the human being because it guarantees to keep stress away, maintains physical health and improves relationships with people close to the individual, although in many occasions it is threatened by external factors that endanger all the aforementioned.

Self-esteem is one of the components that exerts a great weight in the mental health of an individual, because the perception of oneself turns out to be the key for the actions that he/she will undertake.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is elemental for every subject, since it is the perception that one has of oneself, that is to say, the opinion about our body, our thoughts or attitudes, as well as self-esteem is considered to be a point of utmost importance in self-esteem.

In our daily life we are surrounded by a great variety of people, who as expected have opposite opinions to ours, this fact often threatens our mental health many times, because those opinions come to be disguised by sweet words that make the perception we have of ourselves change dramatically, generating a mental discomfort, yet we are unable to detect the toxic people in our life.

### What are the characteristics of a toxic person?

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