Concurrent fear identified as anxiety in children of the alpha generation.



Today's society has experienced several changes over the years, changes that have been observed in different generations and ages, this due to the changing situations we have lived in recent years, such as the current pandemic. The Z and alpha generation have been victims of constant fear and stress that has led to serious psychological disorders, today we can observe this in the smallest of the house and this turns out to be overwhelming for the people close to them.

It is important to detail What is anxiety? because this condition can be very common and at some point we can be a victim of it.

Anxiety is described as excessive fears to situations that are lived day to day, as well as difficulty breathing and other symptoms, which are observed in children today.

Why is anxiety observed in today's children?

The day to day of the current generations tends to be a trigger for anxiety, since they are subjected to stress either in studies or in activities outside education, as well as the pressure exerted by their relatives because they meet the standards that they have, this is usually one of the first causes for which introverted children who do not feel like going to crowded places are observed.

How does anxiety occur?



As previously mentioned, stress is one of the most outstanding characteristics, in the same way there is constant fear of situations that are usually normal, insomnia is reflected, tachycardia, decreased breathing, nausea, feeling of tightness in the chest, nervousness and excessive sweating are observed in stressful situations; these symptoms have increased in the pandemic, because there are no places or strict schedules in our homes to perform daily activities that were previously performed outdoors. It is of utmost importance to emphasize that anxiety often produces severe attacks in those affected.

What can we do so that children and/or adults do not suffer from anxiety nowadays?

It is recommended to avoid situations that cause stress in the person, it is important to make the individual feel comfortable in the places they frequent, it is also essential that the person is not overwhelmed and try to maintain established schedules where you can carry out the responsibilities and also can enjoy some time doing the things you like and passionate about.

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Life today is very stressful! Here in Italy there are taxes to be paid every week. Anxiety is widespread.

09.04.2021 05:33