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prisoners of the grey tristes

zur deutschen version


grey in grey the facades
souls takes damages
large blocks of concrete and iron
removing the man of nature
so many unhappy spirits
some hope brings colour and paste
Käpt´n Kalle


a side note on the grey

architecture can be debatable. especially the architecture nowadays. one thing cannot be denied: living in modern urban spaces makes you anything but happy. There is a reason that psychologists are more in demand than ever and that the sales of psychotropic drugs are higher than ever. the high number of addicts and the compulsive desire to escape from life with the help of substances or activities also bear witness to the sick state of society. man has been robbed of the natural environment, and the prevailing dismal and grey of large concrete blocks in urban space seems like a overwhelming straitjacket. there is no air to breathe, and the crowds of people squeeze in the urban space in a controlled and monitored manner. surrounded by big walls of grey, the oppressed masses are in a huge prison. actually, buildings should serve the people. compulsively preserving boring grey tones reveals the oppression and subjugation of the people just like the elevation of the simplicity to a sanctuary. due to the horribly colorful consumer world coupled with the abolition of all ornaments and the beauty of buildings, people feel called to declare war on this world. madness and sadness are to be remedied. however, such self authorized actions are not well understood and are therefore not only suppressed but also fought against. after all, transforming the public space without permission it calls into question the values, structure and state of society.

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