Identity of well wishers - A Short Story with Good Moral

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The king of a kingdom was of very simple nature. By becoming his appreciative and devotee, many people would reach his palace and take some of them to cheat. The news came from one to the other and the news spread slowly throughout the state. Gradually, many people started getting into the palace by becoming loyal to the King, becoming a well wisher and appreciative of the king. The King himself was surprised by seeing such a crowd of his well wishers.

One day, one thing came to the king's mind that, "so many people can not be true well wisher." These people are reaching the palace in somebody's greed. Of these, real and fake well wishers should be identified. The king convened a meeting of the courtier and kept the doubts running in front of the courtier.

The King in consultation with the priest, pretended to be sick for the second day and spread the news in the state that the blood of five persons is needed for the king to be healthy. Therefore, the well-wisher who can sacrifice his life for the king, reached the palace.

There was a stir in the entire state after hearing the announcement. None of the well-wishers of the King who gave him the best wishes of the king did not reach the court of the king. The king and his courtier had realized the real face of the King's well wishers.

That is why it has been said, "We should always keep the distance from the people who are very much appreciated.

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