Dream Truth - A Story Based On True Life

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One person saw in a night's dream that he has become the king of a very big state. In the morning when he got up, he believed in his night's dream and considered himself to be a king.

As the day progressed, the father asked to walk on the work, but he ignored the father's talk. After a while, the mother ordered to cutting the timber from the forest, but he also refused to bring the timber and was sitting on the bed understanding the king himself.

After a while, the wife asked to take the food items from the market, but he did not do any work, he just give only one answer, "I am a king … how can I do any work!
The parents were astonished - what did they do? Then command handle his younger sister, one by one, she sat on the table to all and gave food and the king alone remained hungry.

It was evening. King's hunger got worse. The body started crying. After all, when the man did not leave, he came down from the bed and went straight to his sister and said, "Why! Will not you give me food? "
While making the face, the sister said, "King! Let the night come, the fair will come from the Indra lok and will come directly to your palace from the sky, he will serve you the appropriate food. Where will you get satisfaction from our food?

The dream of a young man who thought of himself as a king was broken and he believed that there is never get crowned without effort.

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