Time flies over fast but leaves its shadow behind our photography

Hello dear friends, we know shadow is the dark figure cast upon a surface by a body intercepting the rays from a source of light or sunlight. It gives us some information about how looks shapes of different objects. we see our shadows on the ground when we go outside on a sunny day. A shadow may have different sizes and shapes depend of objects. The shadow looks very small when the light source is far from the object at the same time the shadow looks very big when the light source is near from the object. Sometimes we can see the beauty of both the light and the shadows reflection together.

I went outside some necessary work in the morning. In the afternoon i was back. Then i noticed that my shadows reflected nicely on the road. I have shot several types of shadows and some other object. Thanks OCD community boost contest for the Shadow Hunters Community in this platform.



Some people ware walking beside the road and they also capture it by my camera. If we keep our face towards sunshine then the shadows will fall behind on the ground. Shadows capture everything nicely in the sunny day and we can do easily find out lots of object shadow. I enjoy this shadow hunters contest because i love every types of photography.



These trees are reflected by the sunshine and it makes the path more pretty in my eyes. So its a chance to create some creativity about different types of shadows in this platform. Have a super weekend for all friends with different types of shadow hunters.


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