Show Me A Shadow Contest-Round 100

This is my entry for @melinda010100 Show Me A Shadow Contest-Round 100 in my smartphone HUAWEI P30 lite. Thanks and its my pleasure to partake of your contest.

It is really big achievement Shadow Photo Contest - Round 100 of melinda010100 in this platform. I enjoy this contest so much because it is interesting and funny photography contest. Today i am trying to make shadows 100 different sides and different things of my home. So lets have a celebrate shadow contest round - 100 with a lot of friends here.





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06.01.2020 18:50

Thank you.

07.01.2020 13:07

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06.01.2020 18:58

I love it! Wonderful 100 shadows! Thanks for helping me celebrate this week! Resteeming!

06.01.2020 19:46

Thank you so much.

07.01.2020 13:07