Trees and Earth! Please calm me down! Crazy vibes day must not linger too long.

Something odd must be happening in the sky! Some planetary positions must be affecting my overall resonance in a very fuzzy way. The day starts very smoothly with the prospect of getting on with my unfinished tasks. But I have been gripped by incredible nervous energy since I have been reading news on the new coronavirus. Those Chinese people’s video clips taken secretly really shook me deeply and I feel so sorry for their plight and tragedies. The negative vibes clogged my mindfulness; I know I have to pull myself from this unprofitable situation. So, I look for trees and the earth to help me restoring inner balance and mindfulness.



Photos of trees in Nongkhai; they seem to always make me feel so much better.


These trees have been through storms, strong winds, incessant rainy days so they have lots of wisdom and stories. They are in contact with the Earth who gives them strength and nourishment. I always look at tall trees for energetic support and gentle healing. So, I need to plant more trees in my garden. This dry season, we could hardly dig the earth so we could only plant small trees. Writing about my trees already help to calm me down!


Artificial virus

I have been sending messages and links to my acquaintances who I presume could still be influential in public policy level. Scanning the Thai news media and official news on the new coronavirus gives me cause for serious concern. Officials and their advisers are still too complacent and not comprehensively well informed. The obstacle is that English is not our second language. I found this link on the hidden side of this virus very intriguing.


People in China have started to go back to work. People are afraid of the supply chain collapsing and the global economy too. We already see the adverse impact here: several factories have closed and people are suddenly unemployed! People do not go out shopping, etc. This is the new working environment somewhere in China!

Someone just sent a message to one Minister last night; luckily he quickly announced that the cruise ship which had not been allowed to stop in previous two countries will not be allowed to use the Thai port as a gateway to board airplanes for returning to their countries without any due process. We could smell funny arrangement among some officials who acted as go-between agents who quietly announced earlier that the ship was to stop for transit here, without Ministerial permission. Those middle ranking agents should be investigated financially! Had it proceeded, many travelers and staff at airports would be in grave danger!



Roses from a plant nursery in Nongkhai.






I should have something more cheerful and constructive in this post. I happen to find this clip with a ‘funny’ song which gives me some hope for the future.

Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Good luck too!

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Unfortunately the truth is never told and as always we are left to our own self to make sense of it if you don't die in the mean time so good luck to everyone out there 🤔

11.02.2020 13:20

Yup! We have to look after ourselves! Officials and government are too inflexible and slow to respond to unexpected events! Fear of losing control of the situation makes them very economical with the truth!

11.02.2020 15:38

That is so true my friend the thought of loosing money comes first not the countries health.

12.02.2020 08:07

Ain't that the truth...

16.02.2020 23:24

Indeed 😣

17.02.2020 11:06

Ahhh, yes, ask the trees for their peace and they always give it : )

11.02.2020 22:52

Always very grateful to all those trees!

12.02.2020 13:30

Thank you for your kind support.

13.02.2020 14:24

Beautiful nature!
And wonderful roses!

12.02.2020 21:47

Thanks! Love those roses!

13.02.2020 14:25


13.02.2020 22:26


13.02.2020 11:22


13.02.2020 14:25

Best bet is to prepare and ve as healthy as possible.

15.02.2020 21:55

Yep! But the fact is quite scary! We can’t do much at all. Just have to take all the precautions seriously!

17.02.2020 13:02

Now i get to have an excuse for being introverted and a shutin lol.

17.02.2020 13:35

Oh! I am always like that without any excuse! Haha!

18.02.2020 06:56

Good advice/.. compassion not discrimination :-)

16.02.2020 23:22

Yup! Good vibes might help a little!

17.02.2020 13:03