This is Thai New Year’s Day! But the streets are very quiet.

The third rounds of pandemic eruption in Bangkok has spoiled many people’ s long holiday plans.



The coronavirus has mutated into something very infectious and much less serious. Healthy people will feel like they have a bad cold or slight flu; many had the virus and cured by their strong g immune systems.



Take 3000 mg of Vitamin C
Three times a day of Vitamin D3, and stay in the sunshine fifteen minutes everyday.
Take some zinc tablet three times a day.

If you could find chaga tea or capsules ! That’s even a better antioxidant! Drink lots of water, ginger tea and herbal tea.

Beware of experimental vaccines! They are not telling you the whole truth! So much money will be made by the industry at people’s sufferings.

So much interesting information and hidden truth out there. You just have to search outside the main stream media which is heavily censored by rich elites.

Don’t become a victim because you didn’t do due deligence.

Good luck.

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Happy New Year.

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