Sitting in a bus which gets stuck in a traffic jam!


Life in Bangkok at rush hour in the evening. It’s rather nice to see a bit of traffic jam in the evening. During the lockdown, all the roads were empty as if people had all moved to Mars. Thus way, I know the economy is moving and people are still employed. Life has been really tough for those who could not find jobs at the moment!


The traffic is really good now! Cars stopping at traffic lights too long! Not traffic jam! 😂😂

Have a nice day!

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25.03.2021 06:40

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25.03.2021 06:49

wow! the street is full of cars! I can't even see the road

26.03.2021 03:48

Hahaha. That’s normal for this street during the rush hours! Thousands of offices and banks in this area! Sometimes it is quicker to walk!! LoL

Have a nice day!

26.03.2021 04:29