My hobby is to watch my cats sleeping! 🐈🐈

I discover that watching my cats sleeping is very good hobby! Seeing them sleeping deeply and securely has given me a lot of pleasure. This means they have begun to trust me more than before. They were born wild in the bush around my garden. The mother cat was one of the two daughters of the first cat I ever adopted from under a tree in the field.



Those were the good old days of having a very tame and loving orange cat in the house. But she has her babies in the bush and they were not tame at all. Stray dogs cane into our garden and created a havoc by killing two kittens. That bad experience had made these cats very jumpy.



It has taken me several months of patience to tame these two remaining cats. I lost a very beautiful and sweet cat in another village, he went for a visit and got hit by stray dogs. So, I hope these two cat would be safe and living happily for many years. They remind me of their grandmother and mother who disappeared after coming back from the vet.





I wish It would have been possible to keep all the six cats two years ago!

Have a nice day!

See you.

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so cool, you are among those who really love cats

08.04.2021 06:56

Thank you very much.

08.04.2021 09:48

Very Cute looking cats

08.04.2021 11:29

Thanks so much!
Have a nice day!

08.04.2021 19:12

Hello Kaminchan!
wow it has been a while! I LOVE your cat pics hahaha so cute!

Oh yes! check out Noise Cash to post your pictures and stories - find me there and say hi!

keep well =D

08.04.2021 12:28

Probably only cats can sleep so sweetly! :-)))

09.04.2021 13:45