Happy Caturday: simple cats, simple happiness.

Who would have imagined how a stray cat I adopted three years ago could change my life! That first orange cat has taught me a lot about cats and their sensitivity. So many things has happened to this family of six cats. And now I am left with two orange cats who are the nephew and niece of my original cat. Today I do appreciate hidden qualities and considerate nature of my cats very much.



These two siblings are very simple cats with very little demand on my time and energy. Yet they continue to give me joy and laughters everyday. I like to watch them cleaning each other and cuddled in their sleep. Some days the big brother would be moody and chased his little sister from the favourite spot on the table. But they do understand my gestures and would stop the fighting. I had to remind them that there were only two of them left in the family. So they should be looking after each other.



These two cats are interdependent on each other. When the brother disappeared for a few hours, the younger cat would be meowing and looking for her brother. The sister cat is over two years old but she still behaves like a kitten. She used to be very attached to her long lost mother.




These cats are very gentle and sweet. They would try not to disturb me while I was sleeping. When they want to go outside into the garden, one cat would meow very gently once. Then they would wait for me to get the door for them. They eat very little and are happy with what food I could get for them. Sometimes I give them omelette or grilled mackerel as a treat. They find pleasure in running around the garden and climbing trees.



I hope these orange cats would live happily in good health for many years to come.



Have a nice day!

See you.

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No cat is ever simple! 😅😅
I adore your shots!

04.04.2021 05:33

I love your sleepy cats @kaminchan. Meow~

04.04.2021 12:32


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