Typeearn another nice project on Steem Blockchain

Hello friends,man is a social animal, just like food is required for survival, socializing is necessary for living good social life.
Desocializing network is getting popular these days due to its transparency, socialization and security and steem is one of the great platform for socializing where you can learn a lot on different subjects beside socializing.dqwfbt1keg.png
Unfortunately the price of steem is decreasing as a result people are least interested in this community. But at the same time new tribes are coming to steem blockchain. These tribes is not only a source of learning but it also incraese the popularity of blockchain. It keeps more people interested in steem blockchain. Now here is another tribe on steem blockchain. Its name is Typeearn

What is Typeearn?

Typeearn is Steem based project that reward you with typecoin while you type and improve your typing skills.
https://typeearn.com/ You will need a steem account to login. Your can use the practice section without login, but if you wish to earn you need to login.
Also, you will need a minimum of 20typecoin in your wallet before you can earn, and you can buy directly in the market.

Yes Typeearn is easy to use, you can improve your typing skill beside earning TPC Token. Initially you have to purchase 20 TPC token from steem-engine. For Token purchase please click here. After buying these token you have to login typeearn.com


Click the login with STEEM

you will be directed towards steemconnect page.


click on continue




Finally you will be logged in typeearn with steemlogin name.


Here you can find various option like practice, earn, task and guide to know more. Practice can help to understand how to type and how to enhance your speed prior to earning. Earning give you chance to earn TPC token while testing out your speed. Earning option will be only available if you have 20 TPC in your steem-engine wallet. Task options give you future tasks and Guide option gives how to use typeearn. Last but not least iccon is your name logo. If you click it there


You will find your progress, Initially you have to mine 5 times in 24 hours.

Orange color in the pic shows the token you earned during mining. Green color is showing how many time you mined each day, yellow color box indicates total available Token with you in steem-engine and red color box shows the power you have. The more the TPC token you have in your wallet the greater will be your power.

The calculations for the payment of the token is the following formula:
(PE * PPM + TypePower) / 1000
PE: Written Word
PPM: Words Per Minute
TypePower: Currency engine.
1000: Standard Value.


To know more please read the guide. You can also join the Typeearn Discord group by clicking here

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Thanks for the promotion. Nice post

26.10.2019 12:44

Thanks for your kind words. It's our collective duty to support the new project on steem blockchain. I would like people to resteem this post so a maximum fellow steemians may view this post. Have a nice time @ckole

26.10.2019 14:02

Sounds interesting, always wanted to type faster! Just need to find a way to get the 20 tpc in advance

26.10.2019 13:52

Yes, it's challenging and fun to do beside improving typing skill. All the best for your collection of 20 TPC. In my 2 cent opinion. it's better to purchase earlier to get maximum benefit who knows the price will become rocket high. I would like people to resteem this post so a maximum fellow steemians may view this post. Have a nice time

26.10.2019 14:05