Do not judge anyone by their appearance.

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One day a man entered a restaurant and asked the waitress. - How much does rice with chicken and soup cost? - Fifty cents, the waitress answered. The man took his hand out of his pocket and examined several coins. - How much does soup cost, he asked again. (At this point some people were waiting to be served and the waitress was already a little impatient, seeing the man's appearance that he had no money.) - Thirty-five cents, the waitress said abruptly. The man counted the coins again. - I want the soup, said the man. The waitress brought him the soup, put the bill on the table, and left. The man finished his soup, paid at the checkout, and left. When the waitress returned, she began to clean the table, and then it was hard for her to swallow what she saw. There, neatly placed next to the empty plate were twenty-five cents... Your tip! Nowadays most people only look at the appearance, the way she dresses, if she has money. When in truth the most important thing about each person is in his heart because if your heart thinks good things that's what you'll do, and if your heart thinks bad things that's what you'll do, that's why God says to keep our heart as a great treasure because life flows there. The advice of the day: Never judge someone by appearances alone! And always consider that those you serve can surprise you!

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