A whole world in a tulip

ntopaz-image-0Acrylic painting 25x25 cm on wood

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11.09.2019 10:28

Beautiful harmony of colors ~ It is a whole world in your soul ~ Gorgeous ~ show us more ~

11.09.2019 11:34

This is gorgeous!!! I love how the detail of the tulip looks like the detailing on a Mandala! And the fact that it is painted on wood makes it even more impressive! Love it!

11.09.2019 12:43

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11.09.2019 12:44

This is beautiful.

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11.09.2019 13:56

It's looking good on you. Your image conveys much peace, invites contemplation, it is an image that can serve as a companion for a meditation session. The truth is that it is a very relaxing image. Congratulations.

11.09.2019 22:25

Lovely the detail and gorgeous!

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12.09.2019 02:34

Beautiful painting!...I love the color palette so delicated and all those details on it, I can feel the energy of this magic tulip 💜. Greetings!

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12.09.2019 06:33