I highly reccommend Travelling to India (Even with young children, mine were 1,5 ...

... when we went). They loove children. When my babies are met with love, they trust and respond in love. This photo was taken outside our house in Auroville, the oldest and biggest ecovillage in the World. These workers dropped everything to help out and let Ayra sit on their lap for hours while working🙏♥️


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20.07.2019 14:34

great for spreading peace message and showing people's kindness in India.
keep up the good work Kaitlin, I wish there will be more people like you :D <3

24.07.2019 09:36

thank you. that is so kind of you to say! yes! there is so much fear instilled in people's minds, especially where I come. They thought I was crazy for taking my kids to India. People have to experience truth itself. I am so glad I have found trust in myself, and after many years of traveling, trust in humanity. I want to teach my kids about kindness, and India is a great place to start. I'm thinking to move there next year🙏 thanks for the nice comment. i will chdck out the platforms you've recommended

25.07.2019 14:14