My Dad Will Come back Home Soon❤️

My dad works in Dubai and comes once a year for 40 days only to India.
Me and my family has to wait for one year to meet him 🥺.


He was about to come in the month of December last year but due to Corona Virus he was not able to come to India.

It is not than a year now and my dad told us that he ll now be coming in the month of May this year.
Still there are more than two months left but we have to wait.

It is really difficult to live here without dad. But I ll be counting days until my dad comes.

I have seen people taking in bad tone to their dad. they live with their dad everyday but they don't know value of dad.

when something is away from us then only the true value of that person is known to us.

please value your parents both Mom and Dad.


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Dad will come back home soon , have patience 😊

19.02.2021 10:13