Junk Foods are those foods that do not contain any nutrition in them or those foods that have very less amount of nutritions present in them.

Foods Like Burgers , Pizza's , Salty and Oily snacks , etc are some example of Junk Foods.



Junk Food contains huge amount of fats in them that is not good for health. Reason why junk food effect our body is because if we will eat Junk Food regularly then we will miss healthy diet where we can eat green vegetables and fruits.

junk Food will prevent us from eating those healthy food and hence the required nutrition and vitamins needed by our body will go missing from our body in mass amount.

This will effect or health and accoring to my information it cancause the following health related problems to us.
1) Eating lot of Junk Food can Increase our weight unnecessarily. Because of this fat in our body will also increase and it can further cause us problems like heart disease and joint pain.

2) Slow Growth and Development of the body is also another problem that can be caused by eating Junk Foods. Problems related to bones also occur due to this.
As you will miss essential vitamins and nutritions your body entirely may develop slowly. Also problem related to tooth can also occur due to this.

3) Having these Junk Food regularly can destroy how your digestive system work. It can effect your digestion badly so make sure to take less of junk foods.

4) I studied somewhere that junk food can also lead to depression but i am not sure about that if that's true .

5) Many students / children who eat junk food regularly also faces learning problem .

6) various stomach disease like stomach infection can also be caused due to eating of junk food.

So that's all of my knowledge about how unhealthy Junk Foods are.
Try to eat less of these food and stay healthy.

Thank You.

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