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A WeWrite by the @FreeWriteHouse is when one FreeWriter starts the story, and another finishes it. @zeldacroft wrote the first half, and I finished this. If you would rather read it, here goes :)


> “They say a ship’s run aground over near Harper’s Cove,” said an old man in overalls, hanging up the corded phone. There was a sense of permanence about the Coast Rescue shack, between the scratched furniture and fading paint it looked as though it had sat there near the sea for ages. The midday salty air wisped through the open windows, gently rustling the loose papers on the man’s desk. “John says it’s a real doozy.”

> “That's too bad, I was hoping to spend some time in town today,” Becky rolled her eyes, but smiled as she threw on her reflective red jacket. “Do you think we’ll need help from the mainland?”

> “Nah, I don’t think so. Probably nothing you can’t handle,” he smiled back, with equal measures of pride and sadness. His own safety jacket was slowly collecting dust on the back of his chair.

> “Thanks, Dad,” Becky said as she grabbed the keys off the wall. Stepping past the creaky screen door and off the porch, she could feel the August sun burning down. It was almost the off-season, when things would quiet down.

> The rolling crashes of the cobalt waves grew louder as she descended the wooden steps down to the rocky beach. It’d be a great day to go swimming, she thought, but duty calls. The tugboat by the dock rose and fell, and with the ease of expertise she climbed on and started the engine.


She could have done it blindfolded. She closed her eyes and breathed in the salty air. Relishing the comfort it brought her. If only someone would take her up on that dare of doing it blindfolded. She had tried to manipulate egos at Ol Man’s downtown. Nothing like a few beers to give anyone liquid bravado to put a girl in her place. Or so she thought.

“You’ve been doing this since you were in your diapers. No thank you!!”, Trevor had told her off. And he was too far gone that night too, that he had to sleep over at Ol Man’s… on the floor. Ol Man Manfred wouldn’t have it any other way for those who didn’t know how to hold their liquor.

Perhaps, one of these days one of those Mainland idiots would come around and she’d win a bet.

She imagined what she’d do with that money. For one, she’d fix her boat. It needed some lovin' and John could definitely take a break. He had always wanted to see the Northern Lights…. That would be sweet.

The engine had warmed up enough and she set out towards where the sun would set in 3 hours. She should be back well before that. Maybe she’d take John out to Ol Man’s tonight. She’d get Snaky Steven to watch out for a bit. He’d been pestering John to give him a chance but she had been adamant he wasn’t ready. Perhaps today would be the day.

About five miles east bound, the sun caught a wave and glistened. She remembered the stories John used to tell her. Beautiful creatures who looked human with fins living in the waters below. He had seen them, and even almost caught one he boasted. She fell hook, line and sinker when she was younger and stayed very still on their trips hoping to see them. The things kids want to believe.

A much bigger wave and she swore it was coming towards her. She stared at the spot waiting. Perhaps they really did exist these people from Atlantis. Maybe today, she will catch one and that would pay off some debts too. She grinned. What a hoot?!! If life always worked out just like that.

With the next wave, her grin froze and her eyes got bigger. This is not possible. These are tales for tourists and suckers who want to believe in magic and wonder. It stopped just a quarter of a mile before the boat and emerged in all its glory.

Regal and royal. Her mind told her it’s worse than the half human, half fish people. Is this global warming at its best? But this isn’t even a lake!! But there was the Loch Ness Monster, throwing shade over her boat as she whipped out her phone and tried to stream it live. Was this going to be her ticket?


The part in Italics is my half. If you would like to see where the other FreeWriters took this story, then head on here.
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I bet Becky could get enough money now! I like that you had her trying to bet the people in town, and them refusing because they know better. It’s a fun twist to have the tales she heard as a child materialize as something far grander (and stranger).

Also, thanks for reading it in the video! It’s fun to hear it read aloud 😊

08.08.2019 21:00

So glad you enjoyed the end the end to your start ;D
Thank you for doing this
It's really fun :DPosted with

09.08.2019 13:08

You're welcome 😄 I'm so happy people are enjoying it!

11.08.2019 02:31