The Green Screen Boo-Boo

I had to get The Hubs to take a day off to help me with the Green Screen set up because there was some drilling to be done.

There were also some other stuff around the house that needed his know-how and strength and he has been so busy for months now, I didn't want to bug him over the weekends, which sometimes has him working as well.

Long story short, he finally said okay, took the day off and we got started with putting up the Green Screen. Unfortunately, at the end I messed up.

I did try the material with chromakey nevertheless just to see if it can work and it does. Now to figure out the boo-boo.

Hey, thank you for dropping in and hanging out. Truly appreciated.


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At least you got it to work. I've tried in the past with making a green screen, and I had some problems in getting it to work. Congratulations! You've gotten over a big mountain.

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21.10.2019 11:01

How did you make a green screen @gungho?

Yes, I didn't think it would be this easy.... of course I burnt a hole in it
I have taught my kids to always iron a spot that's not visible if they are unsure of the material and the heat.... and idiot me didn't do that...
Good think it is above my head....

I'm not sure if it is the material or the video editor, but it did work pretty good :D

22.10.2019 09:20

Love your videos and your family is so talented!!๐Ÿ˜ what material did you buy for the green screen? It looked so good ๐Ÿ˜Š

21.10.2019 19:16

Thank you @mvd <33
Hey, here's the link:
1.6 x 3M / 5 x 10FT Photography Studio Non-woven Backdrop Background Screen Green
I am not sure if it is the green screen or the video editor or a combination of the both... but true, it did come pretty cool :D

23.10.2019 06:07

Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š
Well it looked so good in the video when you've edited it๐Ÿ˜Š

23.10.2019 17:08

Wow! That looks fantastic @kaeperdiem !
You got that worked and there was no cut offs and shading problem (even though the green screen still have crease on it) and I think that is already a huge step.

(Next time I am wondering whether there's a news casting going on haha)

22.10.2019 05:58

Yes, I was very happy with the outcome
Even though I burnt a hole in it hahaha

No la... no newscasting
Will do other fun stuff :D

22.10.2019 09:24