World of Warcraft Classic: Returning to my Alliance Roots

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For the alliance!
Also came back to WoW at classic launch. Haven't stopped playing it since. <3

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07.10.2019 06:15

For the Horde! xD

I hope nothing in my post offended... :) I was trying not to generalise, it's just my basic experience with Alliance-side.

I've been playing on and off for the past month. :D Have mostly enjoyed what I have so far and prefer this soooo much more than retail WoW. Classic all the way!! There are so many people on these servers too! It makes me wonder if anyone even plays current-WoW anymore, haha. :D

07.10.2019 06:18

No big deal ;)
You have gankers and "group avoiders" on both factions. I am playing an a PvP server, been ganked by higher lvl hordes many times during my leveling phase. I don't get it neither, but it's part of the game :)

07.10.2019 06:21

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07.10.2019 08:16

Thank you!! :)

07.10.2019 09:33

Sounds tough... Maybe I should play Wow sometime... Never played it before though.

08.10.2019 05:15

Sounds tough... Maybe I
Should play Wow sometime... Never
Played it before though.

                 - ahmadmanga

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

08.10.2019 05:16

This was a bad one, @ haiku.

08.10.2019 05:34

WoW is pretty fun. :) But it's far better with friends, if you know anyone who plays or if you're social and like to meet new people in games. Without friends or a personal goal, it's pretty easy to get bored of though.

08.10.2019 05:30

Ah, I can't say I didn't figure it out. (I'm bad at socializing.)

08.10.2019 05:33

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09.10.2019 04:57

Thank you!! :D

09.10.2019 05:55