Working the Night Shift (a five-minute #freewrite)

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28.11.2019 12:51

When I first started working yeeeears ago, it was night shift. I didn't mind it! :D It was a real body change adjusting to day-shift though once they decided to switch my hours with a day's notice... hehe.

Thanks for prompt delivery!

28.11.2019 20:29

I certainly think it was a nightmare or it would be a real dream. Excellent freewrite @kaelci.

28.11.2019 22:56

Always difficult to have friends who want you to murder someone lol

29.11.2019 00:26

Always difficult
To have friends who want you to
Murder someone lol

                 - mariannewest

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

29.11.2019 00:26

Indeed it is!

Hehe, you got haiku'd :)

29.11.2019 07:30


29.11.2019 16:16

And always nice to have a story that doesn't end in violence - we trust the narrator doesn't really want to die. I love Bertie! She could be a dangerous influence as a friend. :)

29.11.2019 15:18

You know that I like non-bloody endings LOL

29.11.2019 16:17

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29.11.2019 02:38

Thank you so much! :) :)

29.11.2019 07:31


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29.11.2019 02:41

Nights are not as bad from my perspective as a Night Shift nurse. 🏥🌒
As a Mellowed Goth I could put up with the odd unexplainable paranormal thing, like the light turning off when I am on the loo. In fact, I hope to get a snap shot of a full body apparition with my phone as I make my rounds. Not successful yet as I think they are more afraid of me than I of them.
I like the quiet, I like working alone, I like working at my own pace.
Ghost hunting anyone?👻

29.11.2019 04:29

My only night shift perspective is from a retail sense. Which I enjoyed a lot more than the day shift! :D

No hauntings though... just a lot of gossip and school-yard bitchiness. It's where I first learned that no matter how old one gets, whether you're in your twenties or sixties, school-yard drama never seems to end. Or maybe that's just retail. :D

29.11.2019 07:33