Playing Minecraft; Waiting for ArcheAge Unchained.

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I also thought ArcheAge looked interesting when I first looked at it, but I was also dissuaded by the pay-to-win and labor point systems. This is the first I've heard about a new version of AcheAge so I'll have to do more research. It sounds like it could be interesting though.

30.09.2019 08:48

Yep!! I first heard about it with @darkuso's post. If it wasn't for reading that, I'd have had no idea that this was happening. I don't really pay attention to MMO news or anything these days... I just see things by chance. 😅

The pay-to-win is gone!! ~ Labor points though..... that's the one thing that's making me cringe at this re-release. I'm willing to overlook it though if it's no longer as restrictive as it once was.

I've been staring at the sub-reddit for it for the past few days, gleaning information. So far it all seems okay. And I'm excited. 😁

30.09.2019 09:04

I also see that Trion was bought by Gamigo. Isn't that the same company that bought Aeria Games? I just looked it up and it is. It looks like they've bought some other companies too. I guess they're trying to become the dominant company in the free-to-play space, which is interesting considering MMOs aren't currently the popular style of game.

By the way, if you're looking for something simple to play in the mean time check out It's a casual 3D browser game that can be fun to play here and there.

30.09.2019 15:02

Gamigo have indeed bought them... which has raised a lot of consternation since apparently they're the type of company who specialise in p2w mechanics. Recent communications over the past couple of months with the ArcheAge playerbase has lessened the fear though - it seems they actually want the game to succeed.

Excited. And carefully optimistic. :)

Just had a look at - interesting!! I do like the occasional browser based game. I used to be obsessed with Utopia and Kings of Chaos.... this looks a lot nicer. xD

30.09.2019 18:32

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30.09.2019 13:40

Thank yoouuu!! :)

30.09.2019 18:45

That's cool.

I didn't know folks were still playing Minecraft. My son loved it when he younger. It was the first online game we permitted him to play. And, I played it to be in-game to keep an eye on him.

30.09.2019 19:35

My son loves it too :) I'm not letting him play online yet though til he's a bit more responsible. He's currently not very respectful of other people's things...

01.10.2019 02:22

I sat with my son while he played for the longest time.

01.10.2019 14:05