Path of Exile Hardcore Race ~ How many times did the newbie die?

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07.09.2019 22:43

Thank yoouuu! :) :)

07.09.2019 23:02

It was a good trial for things to come. Poe is just starting, Steem is also just starting, you will have much needed xp for the next run. GG

08.09.2019 00:49

Yes! A good trial :) hopefully next time I have someone still actually alive at the end, haha :D

08.09.2019 01:54

It's funny, @enjar didn't lose anyone; but didn't get highest level on any of them.
We need to find the sweetspot. Kaeljar. Enci.

08.09.2019 03:11

I keep thinking of cool ways the two could converge. They were open to the idea of people playing for free; makes you wonder how they'd feel about people being paid to play.

08.09.2019 03:09

Amazing job you gave it your all! Glad to see you are ready for the next race. I hope to see you land on the board next time.

08.09.2019 03:23

Thanks! Getting ready anyway; need to complete Act 3 at least so I can unlock SSF. Then lots of experimenting with other characters. :D I hope to see you on the board too. :) May we wrench the leadership from the others, muahaha!

08.09.2019 09:54


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08.09.2019 06:44

Thank you for the cakey pancakes! :D

08.09.2019 09:56

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