"No. Cow." - a five-minute #freewrite

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She better is going to ace it. a cow riding, purple pimp hat wearing ginger is just a little bit too much :)

I just saw your generous delegation. Thank you so much!!

07.01.2020 02:56

Unfortunately for her, she can never escape. I won't have anything to write about! Haha! :D

And no worries :) I sorted through my delegations the other day and did a bit of rearranging. More power for the Freewrite House!! :D

07.01.2020 03:05

😄 ❤️

08.01.2020 03:36

@kaelci - loved it! NO COW! Not something I'd be likely to forget, lol. I have a nice vision now of the ginger pimp-rider!

07.01.2020 05:15

Haha! With all the things that go on in poor Jenny's life via the Madness of Joey, she'd be hard-pressed to remember specific worries. Best to write it down. NO COW!!! :D

The cow-rider with a mop of ginger curls, yelling, "YEEHAW!" while whipping around a purple pimp hat, rearing the beast up on its hindlegs like a horse, and then galloping through the wall at breakneck speed, shattering it... there are frightened moos in the distance as Jenny sits upright in bed, bleary-eyed, and blinks away what she thinks is a dream. Wrong. With Joey around it is never a dream.


07.01.2020 07:21

You got me hooked :)
I started reading from part one and I loved it! Can't wait to read the next one!

07.01.2020 06:21

Haha! Thanks :D Joey and Jenny are a pair of my favourite characters; they help release pent up frustrations. I'm very Jenny in a Joey world, haha! No cows yet though. ... yet...

I'm trying to write these every day, but we'll see how that goes. :) Past experience tells me I start to taper off at around part ten or so... but I try! :D

07.01.2020 07:28

They do seem lovely in a misfit and twisted way!

Maybe it will help to stop counting so that you'll never know that you passed the tenth part :)

07.01.2020 20:56

Excellent story! I hope she gets the job, because i have a feeling that cow is a comin'.

I'm here to deliver the Tuesday prompt so please write us another! And have a wonderful holiday!


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07.01.2020 16:45

Thank you for prompt delivery! :) :)

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07.01.2020 16:57

I keep my fingers crossed for her.
💕 !trdo

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08.01.2020 11:27

Today's prompt is backwoods so I don't think today is going to work out very well for her! Haha. :)

08.01.2020 21:35