NaNoWriMo — a Snippet and an Update!

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Each word written is one and I think you need to delete less if it comes to editing as I. Good luck with the busy days and the kitten. 😁💕

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05.11.2019 21:26

Yes... if I stopped deleting, that'd be 4000 instead of 3000, haha! :D

❤️ Thank you and good luck! And I'm so looking forward to kitten time. There hasn't been a cat in my house for ten years... I miss it.

05.11.2019 21:39

@kaelci Is the cat already there?

Deleting is somehow always painful.

Happy writing/day and week. 💕Posted with

10.11.2019 19:41

Yes! New kitten arrived Saturday morning. He's happy and settling in well 😁 little Charlie.

10.11.2019 20:46

@kaelci Congratulations with little Charlie. Lots of love and cuddles for you all. 💕Posted with

11.11.2019 11:07


11.11.2019 19:40

I can't imagine taking on this task nanowrimo.
Is this the beginning? I love it. Her life was her mother’s fault, and their deaths would be hers.

05.11.2019 21:32

And good luck! Looking forward to the rest.

05.11.2019 21:33
Hulloooooooo! I'm happy to see you here! :D I have a larger snippet concerning chapter one here -

D this one is a snippet of chapter two.. or chapter one if the other is more of a prologue. I don't know. I'm all over the place, haha.

Thanks for the luck! I need it! ❤️

05.11.2019 21:38

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05.11.2019 22:33

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05.11.2019 22:41

I'll just cheer you on. You can do it 😉👍 I can't even think of joining NaNoWriMo 😄😄

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05.11.2019 23:52

Thank you! :D I appreciate it! :)

Doing NaNoWriMo is daunting :) but even if you don't technically "win" as such, you've still won because you had more words written when you started than if you never had any at all! :D

06.11.2019 00:23

As someone wise once said, 3000 words is 3000 more than you had. I know just what you mean though about putting that "movie" down in words. Sometimes it's so clear in my mind but there are no words to describe it, or the words come with difficulty. Keep at it. I can't wait to read it.

07.11.2019 23:48

I will keep at it! The whole thing may not be completed this month, but I'm getting more done than I have all year, haha! :D

08.11.2019 09:57