Journey to Enderal (gameplay fiction)

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Hi kaelci,

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29.12.2019 09:56

Thank you so much!! 😀😁

29.12.2019 12:11

@kaelci, In my opinion creating a Fictional Journey for Fictional Game is very interesting and sounds very unique. Keep up the good work and stay blessed.

29.12.2019 13:04

Thank you :D

It's basically fan-fiction or role-play, but I don't like to use either of those terms. :) So fictional story in an already fictional world!

Thanks for stopping by!

29.12.2019 19:07

Welcome and keep up with your creative work. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

30.12.2019 11:46

A growing market for this - VR, role-playing, fan fiction (setting your story in another author's fictional world). Whatever the genre or label, you nailed it! (And the crispy, yummy no-spoiler-here after the room caught fire: thank heaven it was just a dream. I hope, I trust!)

03.01.2020 16:01

Hello @carolkean! Happy New Year! :) :)

I've noticed fan-fiction becoming more of a thing on the market... I wouldn't really want to sell it though, I don't think. It seems like ripping off someone else's work. -- Says the person writing it and monetising it via a blog for 7-day-periods. -- Although, if rumour is correct, the whole indie e-book self-publishing thing wouldn't have skyrocketed if not for one person selling a very popular fan-fiction of Harry Potter many moons ago.

As for the story, I have no idea yet if it was all just a dream! I haven't finished the game yet. :D I hope it was just a dream!! The character has a tendency to unknowingly peer into alternate realities and experiences flashbacks of the past and future... so.... I hope it was just a dream!!!

We shall soon find out. :D

03.01.2020 19:19


It has a very interesting plot, quite captivating with the graphics of a very pleasant sunset for my view hahaha

Greetings and happy holidays from Venezuela

29.12.2019 13:39

Thank you :) the graphics in the game are pretty fantastic! I can just wander around admiring the scenery for ages.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look!! :D

29.12.2019 19:08

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Keep up the great stuff !

29.12.2019 15:42

Fantastic! I love this. On to the next.

02.01.2020 00:30