Enderal: Forgotten Stories - First Impressions!

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You have tempted me into trying this with all the above :)
However, I have a very low-end system with just 4GB RAM and stock graphics. Do you think it will run on it?

I don't want to install and then be disappointed, won't recover from that heartbrek.

01.12.2019 11:58

Hello! Sorry this reply took such a long time - I wrote this post and then went straight to bed. 😅

Unfortunately, I don't believe your system will be able to run this. I'm on 8GB RAM with a very low-end graphics card marginally better than the Intel HD it would otherwise run with and I'm only just able to run this acceptably.

I'm getting about 25-35 FPS depending on what area I'm in, but it has fallen to 18 a couple of times. Still, I want to play, so I push through it! Haha.

I'm sorry! It's created using Skyrim, so if you can play a graphics-overhauled-Skyrim you should be able to play this. 😊

01.12.2019 19:44

You know how they say, the world is a cruel place? My laptop actually makes me believe in that. 😁

02.12.2019 02:20

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