A Hasty Getaway - a double five-minute #freewrite

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Oh my goodness when Jenny gets mad enough magic happens!
What bowler hat? lol love that bit!

13.01.2020 22:04

She misses her job interview; she plots a messy, gooey revenge; she skis (past tense skied) out of the room and the sunscreen she slid on turned into orange paint and out the door she went... Jenny has gone full Joey! Whoa! Now he needs to go Jenny and bring her back....unless he gets fried on the way... wow!

14.01.2020 15:17

Yes -- she has gone full Joey! :D

I had a sudden moment where I thought maybe he had ordered something haunted off ebay/amazon looongggg ago and that was the little voice talking to her, just as it must talk to Joey, encouraging them to do silly things. But... I don't know.

Looking forward to getting them back together again to see what happens!

14.01.2020 20:56

Oh dear. I hope you don't attribute Joey's shenanigan's to that awful Amazon voice Alexa - first thing I do with every new Kindle is kill Alexa. She's evil. I won't let her into my home. She's listening even when we think she's turned off. I'm all for little voices from the world of the unseen, pre-technology, but it's your story... if you want to incriminate Alexa, you have my blessing! I just like Joey being the way he is without any mind-manipulating bot urging him to buy silly things...

14.01.2020 23:09

Alexa didn't even cross my mind. I was thinking of something haunted, not an evil technological demon. :)

At the same time, I kind of like Joey just being that way because that's who he is.

I'm thinking the voice just might be her inner child finally speaking with her again, reawakened. Just as Joey has never lost his.

Or something! :D

15.01.2020 04:03

Haha! That bowler hat! :D

That just came out of nowhere. As I was writing I was just to rack my mind for what he could've possibly have bought off ebay/amazon that could be used as a bowl. Got a random bowler hat!

14.01.2020 20:53

What a weird couple. If she no longer needs the voice she can send it to me for some advice. 💕

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