My recruits as I participated in Steem2dWorld Contest! (100% Power-up)



Good day esteemed steemians, thank you very much @steemalive Community for engineering such contest in enablement for the growth of this community. We were instructed to recruit 4 steemians in the time frame of 2 weeks and get create and post 6 Contents as to make them active in creating contents free from plagiarism in the community.

Below Are Detailed Information About My Recruits And Their Posts




@ladyofpolicy was able to complete her 6 posts including Achievement 1 - 3 posts.
Here's her post links 👇

Achievement 1.

Achievement 2.

Achievement 3.

The Diary Game Season 3 (1st April 2021).

The Diary Game Season 3 (2nd April 2021).

My True Life Story From Childhood (2nd April 2021).




@wealthmary was able to complete 3 posts including Achievement 1 - 2 posts.
Here's her post links below 👇

Achievement Post 1 (24th March 2021)

Procastination Does More Harm Than Good To Your Dreams And Goals In Life (25th March 2021)

Achievement 2 (31st March 2021)

Third Recruit


@joycebubble joined steemit and followed the curation trail on the 19th of march 2021 but she has not made any post due to her academic exhaustion (she's on exams) and affirmed to be active Immediately after exams.

How Do I Recruits People.

• Social Media Handles : Positively speaking, the internet has gone haywire that anyone could simply sell or buy and as well do anything he or she likes on any media platform. So I screenshot some e-flyers to post on my WhatsApp Status or my Status (this is because I've a lot of followers) tho I do not regularly post the e-flyers.

• I use my progress for illustration : I keep posting and posting about my progress nd that of my recruits on the media handles. I know people won't fall for the trap Immediately but with consistent attitude of feeding them the result (which people always love to see before they venture into any business), I know they will admit to join one day just as @joycebubble, @isiben etc joined steemit.

• On-Set : I do talk to people about Steemit tho not regularly but whenever is as seen enjoying myself and people kinda asks me Where do you see this money ? - I quickly reply Steemit thou they are sometimes lost but I follow them up with personal proofs about my journey so far on the platform. I always talk about steemit wherever I go and to anyone that cares to listen especially when I'm enjoying my life 🙂.
So these a few noted ways I recruit people into Steemit then help them at the very start before they could stand on their own.

Thank you very much for reading my contest post entry Steemians and @steemalive Community.

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You have been curated by @yohan2on, a country representative (Uganda) and a member of the SteemPOD team. We are curating using the steemcurator04 curator account to support steemians in Africa.

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