Whyte Avenue Art Walk

Yesterday was a busy day for me. In the morning I met with a friend I haven't seen a while. By a while, I mean one year. We grabbed some coffee on the way and went to the Whyte Avenue Art Walk together.

There was over 500 artists showcasing their work along 4 km street. I was very impressed with some of them and a bit confused with the others.


Overall, I enjoyed the walk until it started to rain. The prices were of course over my budget so I couldn't afford more than four coasters, which you can see above and below. I decided to pick these from my friends art collection which was actually my main reason to go see the show.

67098341_702173826908404_5625525834765828096_n (1).jpg

After all the walking we had to have a bite to eat and there we had more time to catch up. The morning turned to evening and it was soon time to go home, relax and sleep. Great Sunday if you ask me!

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How refreshing to look at art and think nice and not think why which what I do all too often.

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09.07.2019 08:00