Another stressful day trying to get some Turmeric preserved.


This has been one of the task I've been avoiding for so long in the house. But unfortunately today there seems to be no chances of escape for me. Having to process these turmeric for preservation is a tideous task.

> Turmeric is actually an Indian plant, Curcuma longa, with aromatic rhizomes, part of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae).
> The pulverized rhizome of the turmeric plant, used for flavoring and to add a bright yellow color to food.

Listing the process is actually quite interesting and short, but carrying out the process is an unimaginable 😣 one.

I had to get myself prepared both physically and mentally, because I knew what it would take to get the task completed. It requires ones time and patience. I was set to get the process going, so I reached for the turmeric were it was stored.

Before and After peeling

Firstly, I took it to the tap and did some not to serious washing. After all, the back peel would end up been disposed. After the quick wash, it was time for the peeling which was the main and tideous part of the process.

I was going to be peeling over fifty pieces of turmeric with each having extended branches. The most terrifying part was that there were no gloves available 😭.

Turmericic lightly rinsed ter peeling

Oh, just in case you were wondering what I needed gloves for. Well some sort of juice comes off the turmeric when been peeled. And that juice extract from a turmeric plant leaves a yellow coloured stain on things. Which includes my hand. But nothing much to worry about. Hot water can help in easily getting the yellow stain off things.

I began the peeling of the turmeric which took me almost an hour to finish peeling. I got tired of seating on the same spot for too long carrying out one boring activity of of peeling. I almost lot my temper at some point when the peeling seems to be unending. The little sized turmeric was almost causing me trauma. Lol 😂. Well I successfully got to the end of the peeling process.

I thought that was the only tideous process I was going to encounter, not knowing I've got one more to go. I quickly took some images which I'll be attaching to my blog and cleaned up were I carried out the peeling process swiftly. I then moved to the kitchen to lightly rinse the peeled turmeric.

It was then time to get the turmeric grinded. I placed them into the blender and added a little water to it in order to aid the blending process. I started the blender engine and in about five to seven minutes, I was done. After I was done, I turned the grinded turmeric into a transparent sealable container.

The processing was fully completed and it was now time for it to be refrigerated. I gently lowered the sealed transparent container into a chamber of the refrigerator and I was done with the process 😊.

One more thing I was forgetting was the cleaning up. I had to wash up tray and blender 😭. I started washing, which required me to put on some little pressure in other to get the yellowish stain off. Washing the tray was still quite easy, not until it was time to wash the blender. I had to be extra careful and patient. I also had to use hot water in order to get the stain off quickly as I could not apply too much pressure while scrubbing.

I finally finished cleaning up and felt some relief in me. My hands were yellow as that of a child who was struck with Yellow fever 😂. I didn't some little scrub on it and the yellowish stain reduced in intensity.

Yellowish stain left on my hand after peeling the Turmeric

I was so relieved that I finally got the task off my neck. I also promised myself never to be available for such task again 😅.



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