Watching action movies on planes is shameful and some people have even been arrested for this

In the United States in recent years, more and more passengers have begun to peek at love action movies on the plane.

In response, United Airlines has prepared additional training for crew members this year, with the aim of allowing flight attendants to seize passengers' crime tools at the right time.


Because too many people watch adult movies on the plane, United Airlines is training crew to deal with the situation

There is no doubt that watching love action movies on the plane will cause great distress to the surrounding passengers, so this phenomenon has been called a porn crash by some media.

"The gentleman has been peeking at Texas hardcore action movies since the moment he sat down, and I feel violated."

"I endured it for almost an hour, and then I had to remind him that his headphone plug was not actually inserted into the headphone jack."


Fearful, many people are not sorry about this.

Even film critics claim that watching love action movies on the plane can make them understand the film more deeply, because changes in air pressure and humidity affect the secretion of hormones, which will bring about a completely new sensory experience.

The second deconstruction of action movies can instead promote the soul to a new height-the proper corner of moral destruction is the key to progress.


But most people don't believe their sophistry.

Travel blogger Eriks wrote on his blog, "My neighbor, after seeing an action movie for half an hour, went to the bathroom and even stayed for a while."

"This is really bad!"


The U.S. Center for Anti-Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has included this behavior as "the twelve dirtiest things in 2019".

NCOSE said that watching action movies in confined spaces would make other passengers and flight attendants feel dangerous, and they would not even consider the presence of children around them, which is a crime.


The economy-class narrow seats seem to create a private atmosphere exclusive to passengers, but in fact, as long as you raise your phone, at least four people can see your screen and learn about your preferences.

There have been more than one example showing that it is easy to be stolen by someone with an intention to look at the P station account on the plane.


And as NCOSE said, this behavior can also have very bad effects on children.

"When I got home, my twenty-two-year-old son asked me why the man in the front seat always heard the scream of God."

A New York citizen, Terenas said at the Born Aircraft Mutual Aid Society, "I can only tell my son that an old priest is sitting in the front seat. He is exorcising."

"He's just a kid, he doesn't understand anything."


In fact, before United Airlines issued the corresponding regulations, people had no solution to this, which was a disaster in the history of aviation.

"When I discovered that my neighbor was watching an action movie, I had no idea what to do," a man from Utah told reporters. "After the first hour, I can hardly bear it anymore. So I opened the player. "

"Yellow is yellow."


According to statistics from reddit netizens on social network related data, Annas Soking is the most common flight porn star.

The most popular publisher is the French woodpecker company.

Simply put, at 30,000 feet, European actresses are more popular than native American actresses.


Watching adult videos on my phone

Therefore, in the US dating site POF, some people will specifically say, "If you like Annas Soggin, don't contact me."

This is the easiest way to avoid meeting flight beasts, even if this will inevitably hurt some law-abiding enthusiasts.


No one likes people who watch action movies on the plane, because if everyone dares to peek at the action movies on the plane, then they return to the ground, maybe he will do something bad.

Maybe the date is less than a week and he wants to hold your hand.


Don't watch adult movies on the plane!

Of course, the flight was not extrajudicial, and some viewers were even arrested because they watched illegal products.

For example, Grant Smith of Utah was reported to a flight attendant by a passenger for peeking at unethical pornography on a flight.

After he got off the plane, police quickly arrested him and confiscated his tools--a laptop, a pair of headphones, and a member account of an illegal website.


As the columnist Alex wrote, it may not be illegal to watch certain non-ethical action movies on an airplane, but if we only use the law as a benchmark to define everything in the world, it is no different from illegal.

"Keep your morals up. No matter how big the fire is, if you endure it, it will be calm."

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