Bitcoin Army: Plunge, Outbreak, Never Leave

"Miners around the world are waiting for the moment of halving Bitcoin to come true. "

Bitcoin miners around the world have been affected by the new corona virus.

In Iran, global supply chains have been cut off by the outbreak and mining machines have been inaccessible.

In the United States, Digital Farm, a large mine with an area of 570,000 square meters, declared its closure.

Mining has become a safe haven for Russia's rich, but It is difficult for Chinese miners to join in.

Miners around the world are waiting for the moment of bitcoin to be halved. Perhaps it will not be until then that the answer to the future of the mine ring is known.

The hash rate decline many people think is in the context of the outbreak and the global relief crisis, miners gradually leave the scene of the shutdown caused, but there is a discrepancy, first of all, only 40 days from the date of production reduction, according to the previous data, half after the price of Bitcoin will generally rise significantly, now direct shutdown to sell coins off the market is unlikely, flower brother believes that more is because miners are competing with other mining products, so they now have to temporarily shut down equipment to upgrade, in addition to the region. The outbreak may also be one of the causes of the suspension of mining operations. Now that the date of halving is getting closer, in this case it will surely attract miners to work again, and we are looking forward to a return to the history of Bitcoin after half-in-half.

During the bitcoin market crash in March, retail investors became the main buyers of bitcoins, and the number of bitcoins purchased was 67% higher than the number of bitcoins sold. Market participation in Bitcoin investments has increased significantly in recent weeks, and a recovery in cryptocurrency buying interest has also triggered a degree of volatility.

At present, in the context of the continued increase in BTC's selling, the value has reached the February high volatility range. The number of BTC selling orders is higher than before the end of January, indicating that adjustment pressureises are increasing. At the same time, the cumulative number of buy orders is lower than the number of sell orders, also shows that the recent BTC trend is weak, the possibility of a second bottom is greater.

Back to the specific market, or to remind everyone to note that they are investors or traders, the currency today rebound has recovered the decline, but specifically is not the temptation to do more we do not judge first. To remind everyone, a day did not return to 6300, that short-term risk still exists, if you can put the amount of breakthrough, that multi-faceted will be slightly dominant.

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