Going back to my Linux podcasts

Lately I joined a group for Linux on the Telegram client, this has been such a joy. Discussions that gets my opinionated ass going and discuss classic arguments just like Debian vs Ubuntu, Windows vs Linux, Vim vs Emacs, and other non-linux n00bs saying the stupidest things.

This made me realize that is time to get back on the Linux podcasts that I used to follow so religiously. Linux classic podcasts such like Linux Action Show, The Linux Link Tech Show, and The Lunduke Show.
Also some environments that have gain a lot of users just like i3wm, bswm, and other new desktop environments competing at the same time that the powerhouses jus like Gnome and KDE Plasma Desktop gain more features that are fabulous.
Also I have gone back to reading the KDE Planets which is full of wonderful stuff.
Other things that I have discover is the new hardware innovations including OpenHardware, more than the Raspberry Pi 4 or competing boards like BeagleBoard, Banana Pi, there is the Risc V processor and the new stuff that is coming out to use linux on.
So all this new content that is out there on the linux wold feels like a welcome home feeling. I wonder when will my curiosity take me this time.

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