Hi,everyone. My user ID name @juwell77. I am a new steemitian.I am a student.I am from Bangladesh. I am hare to work in steemit beside my study. Steemit is a great platform to work on.


Heaving knew about so many interisting, nice and hopeful things about this platform, I an very much excited to work on it.

Self introduction

Introducing steemit friends,This is Shariaj
Hossain Juwell from the district of cumilla, in Bangladesh. I am a student and a social worker.I am 23 years old. I found out about this exciting flatform through @sajjad26. Thank you @sajjad26 who inspire me work steemit platform. I am very much excited to work with steemit.


Education and career


I am a undergraduate student of the University of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman science and technology University, a well known university in Bangladesh. My subject name is Marine science which deal with the marine aquatic environment.My subject deals with how to maintain the aquatic environment more safer for the aquatic organism.Most recently the world wide problem is plastic increasing in the marine.We have a project on this topic and we are working on it, to findout any solution as far the world become more safer from this plastic problem. My career goal is to become a rechercher and to invent new things for the mankind.





Traveling is my hobby. Hobbies like one which love to do in his free time.It has aesthetic value.I love to know about the new things aroud me and also famous things aroud my country as well as the world.I love seas,mountain and also the historical places.It enrich my knowledge.

My experience towards crypto

Crypto is a digital assest which is designed to work as a medium of exchange.There are a few kinds of crypto such as Bitcoin,Ethereum,XRP etc.Though it has some risk but it has good initiative.


Social activities



I love to work for uneducated people and to work for increasing awareness in this pandemic situation.I am the acting president of ''Navojagoron Shongo" famous in my municipalities.Hopefully it will continue in upcoming future and our activities will cover the municipality with the best social work and so on.Now, we are doing people mask up,sensitize their hand and social and to maintain social distancing which is vary rare in rural area.We are making more seminer to increase awareness in this pendemic situation.


My purpose is to promote steemit to other friend who haven’t joined yet.To increace financial and further investment. Strengthening friendship with steemit communities aroud the world.


I want to work with the steemit.I am a hard working person and I believe that I could work here with maintain all the rules and regulation. Steemit is a great medium to ferform and hopefully I will able to work here.
Thank you

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Hi @juwell77 . Welcome to steemit. Nice introduction . Hope you will enjoy a good journey in steemit and you will love this platform. No need to mention steemcurator in any of your posts.

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Thank you.

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Thank you sir.
It's my pleasure.

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