What (features/improvements) do you want to see on STEEM and STEEMIT?

I am collecting ideas (features or improvements):

STEEM: the blockchain
STEEMIT: the steemit Inc (front-end)

Comment below and I'd give you a small upvote for interesting ideas.


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I thought of something to make a project, like making an assignment and the moderators check the work of the user steemian what if they do it right then they get rewarded for the work, this is like a few years ago for example utopian-io. I think that's fairer for all the steemians

03.05.2021 09:20

Good idea. i think that is quite similar to Steem Academy thingy.

03.05.2021 09:30

I don't know yet, help me find it, please send the link

I am thinking hard to create something that is superior and liked by many people, if I find something about it I'll let you know on discord.

03.05.2021 09:43

This is the community Justyy talking about you can visit the below link.

03.05.2021 10:12


03.05.2021 10:59

I would say that an alternative interface to Steemit.com, something that would remind of the former Steempeak, with more functions, possibility to create templates, schedule posts, and so much more! Any of those functions would be welcomed, and a combination of them all would be the best! :)

03.05.2021 09:53

Great, noted

03.05.2021 10:07

I joined this platform in February this year itself and from then i am liking the platform really well.
Sadly i think that many good quality post don't get good attention and many less quality post are getting more attention then good quality post.

Like i see many diary games that cross $20 and on the other hand i see many diary post resting at $0 or few cent of votes.

There are many good diary games that are not voted and thats really demotivating people writing them.

While the steemcurator distribute his vote randomly to people who are here from long time.

I want to ask that is it not possible that atleast who so ever write a diary game he / she gets a $1 vote Atleast from the any of the steem official account so that the person is not sad and has motivation to write again.

It will be good if there is a bot that checks the length of the diary post and if the 300 words criteria fullfills then automatically a $1 vote gets to that post.

I don't if these things are possible but as you have developed great things here i am asking you if this is possible to develop or not.

I want to add one thing for you as well that i know you are supporting the new comers but not every new comer knows you.

I have many more ideas to share but this comment is becoming lengthy.

thank you @justyy for supporting new comers and developing useful things for steem.

03.05.2021 09:56

Interesting! thanks

03.05.2021 10:08

Welcome , I am glad that you find it interesting. I believe in you that you wil be doing great for this platform.
Thank you.

03.05.2021 10:10

The former SteemAuto is crap, and I believe many people would be happy to use a tool that would help them join curation trails and auto-upvote authors in a way that is working. If you join a trai using the former SteemAuto now, there is a minimum of 2 hour gap between the vote of the trail-leader and the rest of the trail. It is terrible! Anything that would be working better would be a blessing to the Steem platform!

03.05.2021 10:20

Yes, steemauto is a tool that is in hot need.

03.05.2021 10:22

I am not sure if the best solution would be to try to refresh the SteemAuto tool and use the base code (https://github.com/mahdiyari/steemauto) or to create something brand new? But no matter what, a solution is sorely needed!

03.05.2021 11:06

Hello @justyy thank you for including us in this discussion about what should be added to Steem and Steemit frontend.
Can you add a option at the Frontend level in the wallet section where a user can set a automatic redeem option once a threshold is reached.
like for example if we set a automatically redeem option at 1 SBD and 1 steem then the rewards gets automatically redeemed once this threshold is reach.

03.05.2021 10:31

Great. did you mean auto-claim rewards?

03.05.2021 10:47

Yes , I mean that only.
But the user should able to enable and disable this feature.
One more thing i wanted to add sorry it just striked my head now , the autoclaim can be in two different options :
1) If particular threshold is reached for steem and SBD set by the user.
2) Second can be setting number of days as a threshold after which the rewards get claimed.


03.05.2021 10:55

Nice! thanks

03.05.2021 18:33

I would love to see some gaming Dapps on Steemit. Lots of ways gaming Dapps can help fetch lots of traffic on Steemit, with games likes, SoccerManager, BattlePets (on Smart Chain) etc. we should pattner with this games, and we are surely going to see more adoption.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

03.05.2021 10:53

Thank you. I agree with you.

03.05.2021 10:55

Steemit has it all, what would be missing is a debit card so that we can buy anywhere in the world, a lot of money is lost in the process of changing to our local currency
you are doing a great job, congratulations
happy start of the week

03.05.2021 11:08

Yep, a debit card to spend steem directly is awesome!

03.05.2021 11:51


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

03.05.2021 12:20

다운보팅 하는 놈들 계정을 블럭 시켜 주세요

03.05.2021 13:21

in my opinion steemit is very useful because we can share all our activities and we can show our expertise on steemit. here too can generate useful money for less fortunate users, I want to get help from you, thank you. can help me.greetings @justyy

03.05.2021 14:38

Done, I have voted and written you as my proxy...
Terima Kasih, mantapu jiwa 😊

03.05.2021 15:35

If somehow you can Steemit can add facial verification while logging in to the platform . It can help the platform because after that mostly users are unable to create fake account and the biggest benefit is that out wallets get secured from the scammers as you know mostly users are facing hacking tricks from scammers.
It's just a suggestion overall your efforts are appreciateable.
Thank you for being an owesome❤️

03.05.2021 15:52


03.05.2021 17:29

Hey @justyy, we're looking for a coder/developer to build us a simple curation bot between steem-engine and steemit on a fee paying basis, would you be interested? Apologies for the comment but we can't find you on Discord.

03.05.2021 18:07

My Discord: justyy - SteemYY.com [Witness]#2304

03.05.2021 18:47

Let every community head interact with it’s subscribers on improving their content and let the vote reach everyone. Seem community heads have special people who get the votes.

04.05.2021 09:27

I previously posted about the idea of enabling upvoting for off-chain content, for example a YouTube video or Substack newsletter post. A fully-featured implementation of something like that could have a new type of blockchain transaction different from a post which doesn't participate in the author rewards the same way (since the author wouldn't be on the chain) but could participate in curation rewards. At the frontend side, Steemit could add RSS reader functionality so you can easily upvote content you already tend to engage with.

04.05.2021 11:11

Thanks for the suggestions!

04.05.2021 13:37

I would like to see an internal market for TRX/STEEM transactions, similar to the SBD/STEEM internal market.

But most importantly...

I would like to see a defi pool setup on STEEM that pairs STEEM with TRX and other currencies, that pays rewards in STEEM. To do this we could redirect some of the current inflation towards this pool. It would be an easy way to attract investors without changing the overall inflation rate of STEEM. It would be a great way for investors to earn STEEM without having to post and muddying the content arena.

Finally, I'd like see Justin Sun posting on Steemit.com first and then sharing his posts on Twitter/Medium/etc. It would drive a ton of traffic to steemit and steem and help tremendously. Justin owns Steemit.com, this one small change would really help grow it.

05.05.2021 20:53

Great suggestions!

05.05.2021 21:02

I'd like see Justin Sun posting on Steemit.com first and then sharing his posts on Twitter/Medium/etc

I definitely agree with that. I have been rather disappointed in the way that Sun and Tron have been approaching their announcements on other social media. I really think they should be utilizing Steem rather than using other platforms to share their announcements (and then linking to the Steem posts on the other social media pages).

09.05.2021 03:35


  • Contract a couple economists/game theorists/auction theorists to make a proposal on the rewards system. My own favorite candidate is something resembling a second price auction, but maybe an auction theorist would have a better suggestion. IMO, the most important thing that Steem needs to distinguish itself is a reward system that organically discourages abuse and provides a better ranking of posts (without a dependence on altruistic behavior by downvoting curators).
  • Improve decentralization by reducing the number of witness votes per account or increasing the number of witnesses that participate in consensus (reference - Centralized Decentralization: Does Voting Matter? Simple Economics of the DPoS Blockchain Governance)


  • First, I want to recognize that some recent changes have been successful. In particular, the search results have improved, and the announcement feature is nice.
  • Now, moving on to suggestions:

Improvements for curators

  • Bring back the view counter
  • Add a word counter
  • Provide the capability to filter and sort feeds based on various characteristics like post age, current rewards, numbers of votes, numbers of words, and numbers of views, etc...
  • Partner with a plagiarism-detection service and let curators subscribe to an in-page service that offers heuristics on whether a post is plagiarized, spun, or even crafted by AI.

Improvements for authors

  • Bring back the "Promoted post" feature, but instead of relegating promoted posts to a different screen, mix them in with the created & trending feeds and provide some sort of visual highlighting.
  • Provide the ability to save post templates, including things like beneficiary settings and categories/tags.
  • Implement a side-by-side editor preview that doesn't break other stuff.
  • Enable video embeds from DLIVE and LBRY.
  • Treat posts with "null" beneficiary settings (i.e. burning rewards) identically to promoted posts by making them prominent in the feed.

General and Security

  • Update transfers to send bogus private keys as default "transfer memos" in order to make it more expensive for a hacker to find and steal people's keys if they accidentally include their real private key in the memo field. Simultaneously, alert users if their transfer memo includes their valid private key and maybe even refuse to send.
  • Alert users if their recovery account changes.
  • Roll out SMTs or a similar capability with TRC-10/TRC-20 tokens.

Improvements for communities

  • Let community owners specify a beneficiary requirement for a community curation account, and auto-mute posts in the community that don't set the required beneficiary. (maybe this is Steem, not Steemit. Not sure.)

I second the points from @jrcornell about getting STEEM into some defi pairs and having @justinsunsteemit post on Steem first. Same with @tronfoundation.

08.05.2021 23:28

Bring back the "Promoted post" feature, but instead of relegating promoted posts to a different screen, mix them in with the created & trending feeds and provide some sort of visual highlighting.

Maybe even make it similar to facebook in that promotion will get posts onto more feeds than otherwise would have happened? Maybe even mimic facebook's algorithm which detects what people will be interested in and displays that content?

09.05.2021 03:40