Reducing the Cost of the AWS Lambda STEEM RPC Node


Traffic is increasing on the following Node:



The Cost is increasing.

The Load Balancer will need to send traffic to internet (outside AWS Zones) thus the Traffic (EC2) will be charged.

A few changes to reduce the traffic/cost

  1. reduce the number of the candidate servers nodes behind the load balancer (currently setting to four)
  2. remove the request to get version information (thus the version meta is removed from the JSON)


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Comments 3

hello @justyy good day
Increasing traffic is good right? if not please tell me,

If it is good to increase traffic, there is the possibility of increasing, and in turn reducing or maintaining the cost; or is this impossible?

What can we do to improve the cost?

Thank you very much for sharing this information with all of us.
have a great day

29.04.2021 09:42

@justyy Why the description and rules of the community are not visible?

29.04.2021 11:59

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29.04.2021 16:27