New Tool: Steem Witness Update Tool

Added another tool to broadcast witness update:

Tool URL:

What this tool can do for you?

Usually, I send update using the conductor directly on my witness server. But sometimes when you are not able to SSH, this tool would be handy.

Click "Get Witness Information" which will retrieve the current Witness Data and populate in the fields.

A friendly advice: Set Signing Key to STM1111111111111111111111111111111114T1Anm to take your witness offline if you are not able to make it! (to avoid missing blocks and be voted out)

Every little helps! I hope this helps!

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Steemit is blessed to have engineers like you for several years. I wish we have more and more loyal patriots like you and many other real IT engineering’s tech
Thank you from bottom of my heart

Steem on

11.06.2020 05:01

Thank you. Steem is great to have you guys.

11.06.2020 15:53

My Blogs are about to go Viral...

It makes me wonder why you haven't stopped by yet...
June 11, 2020... 8.8 Hollywood Time...

11.06.2020 15:47