Enabling tags_api requires a Replay

I have experimented this twice.. and to be honest, it isn't that great. As both time, I ended up restoring the RPC node from a snapshot and do a replay.

So, here is the story. I got a feedback sometime ago saying that my RPC node https://api.justyy.com hasn't enabled the tags_api

Last month, i experimented by adding tags_api to the config.ini and restarted the steemd but it didn't work as expected, and somehow it damaged the blockchain files and then I restored a previous snapshot and ended up replaying for a couple of hours.

Today, I was told that i may need to add tags as well, which I thought it would make perfect sense, and thus I have added both tags and tags_api. But again, it didn't work as expected.


I then restart the steemd but again it was not able to make it. Unfortunately I had to restore a snapshot that I luckily took prior to the testing.

Every little helps! I hope this helps!

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Do you know by any chance why the wallet section is not working...

06.07.2020 18:48

It seems the wallet prod environment has crushed. There is a temporary way to use wallet. You can visit https://steemitwallet.com/ and login again to avoid the server-side render. Don't visit your personal wallet page. That will trigger the SSR.

06.07.2020 18:51