AWS charges the traffic out of the zone in the Lambda Function (with API Gateway)

Didn't expect the costs growing so quickly



I have previously made changes to reduce the cost - but seems not working (or maybe due to traffic increasing)

Really need to think about a substainable way to provide this to the community:


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Personally, I am grateful that you provide it. I remember when Steemit had to lay off so many people back in 2018, the first thing they focused on was driving down AWS costs.

This is why I include you as a beneficiary in my STEM digest posts (like this one).

I experimented with cloud platforms for my voting bot a while back and I found that GCP was far cheaper than AWS for that purpose. That is a much smaller scale, though. No idea if it would be cheaper for running a full node and API, but it might be worth looking into pricing on other cloud platforms.

30.04.2021 11:22

Thank you for your suggestions!

30.04.2021 11:36

hello dear friend @justyy good morning
It's amazing how costs have skyrocketed
What can we common people (users) do to contribute to a reduction in the cost?
have a great day

30.04.2021 12:24


[WhereIn Android] (

30.04.2021 14:04