Adding a RPC Node in Asian (Tokyo)

As you probably know, my RPC node is located in Germany. Thus now I have added a second RPC node in Asian Pacific (Tokyo). This is useful for steemians from China.

The node:

It is based on AWS instance. And only the HTTPS is supported.



Every little helps! I hope this helps!

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Hello, I sent an email to regarding the recovery of the account created through Please check it. Always thanks to you and stay safe.

05.07.2020 13:22

Hello, is this also your account @justsfeel ? I have initialize account recovery process for both @justsfeel and @justsfeelb However if you mean account @justsfeelb you can still use the account password in email - as I don't see you have changed it after your account creation.

05.07.2020 13:39

Now all you need to do is to Load Incoming Recovery Request via

05.07.2020 13:46