CPS BuzzKill


Well I'm very disappointed to say that I've had to quit smoking. Baby mama drama in the courts and CPS on my ass I decided to quit for the time being. If only it was legal in the state I live in then things might be a bit different. Unfortunately it's not and I'll always choose my daughter over anything. Hopefully things will change soon, not being able to relax after work sucks. I am looking into trying out some different CBD products though. Matter of fact I was offered a chance to sell some east coast products, but with CPS breathing down my neck I figured it probably wasn't a great idea right now. Burn one for me please!


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Damn sorry about CPS. But respect for doing what you got to do.

23.10.2019 18:41

I appreciate that. It's all because my daughter's mom is being spiteful and vindictive. Trying to take me away from my daughter. She's a disgusting excuse for a human being. Funny thing is that her fiance and her father both smoke.

23.10.2019 19:03