My Background and Vision for Steem

Hello Steemians, I’m Justin and I’m the Head of Engineering for Steemit, Inc. and in the following video I explain to @andrarchy (Head of Communications at Steemit) a little about my background, what I’ve been doing at Steemit for the last 3 years, and where I see Steem going in the future. I hope you enjoy it. To learn more about who else is on the Steemit Team and what they do, you can visit the “About” page on

Finding Steem

What drew me to Steem was the fact that it used the same technology pioneered by Bitcoin to give people full ownership over their words, so that their voice couldn’t be easily taken away. I believe that everyone needs a platform. Everyone needs a voice and Steem is the protocol best able to deliver that to people, just like Bitcoin was able to deliver a currency to everyone. Of course, the beauty of Steem is that it does that too. It gives you ownership over your voice, it gives you a fast-and-fee-less token, it gives you a fast-and-fee-less stablecoin, and pretty soon it will give you the ability to launch your very own currency as well, once we release the Smart Media Tokens protocol.

My Vision for Steem

My vision for Steem is that it one day becomes a household name - that it’s something that everyone will see on whatever application they happen to be using. I see it being commonplace to see the words “Powered by Steem" because it will just become how you do social media and cryptocurrency in the future.


We definitely wish we were much closer to achieving this vision. Several important projects have experienced delays, but that’s because we’ve been tackling problems that no one had even thought of before, because no one’s ever done this (a large scale social media network on a blockchain) before. Those problems had to be solved with software like Hivemind and MIRA before we could scale this to the masses.

Positioned to Thrive

But since we have solved those problems, we now find ourselves in a really good position today with Steem being one of, if not the most, advanced blockchain in many different and powerful ways.


I hope to do more videos and posts like this in the future, so please use the comment section below to ask me any questions you’d like me to answer in the future.

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I always use steem to withdraw or transfer crypto from one exchange to another because it charge a really low fee of 0.01 steem.
Steem has great potential and it's blockchain will take this coin on sky's one day. I believe. Steem can do similar work as ethereum is doing by providing smart contracts and steem makes people enable to develop apps on the top of steem blockchain.

19.07.2019 18:25

Fast and free transactions is certainly a great thing. Thanks for your comment!

19.07.2019 23:23

Great to hear from you and i love the idea of people knowing that every app and blog is powered by STEEM. I think that it's a powerful message and one worth broadcasting to the world. Obviously there has been issues over the past few years and it will take time to get things right.

It seems that the group has really turned things around in the past 6 months which is great and there is a new drive and more transparency to the people watching. While the back end is vital to the future of the platform I do feel that the front end has been left behind from the start.

What I would love to hear about soon are the plans to onboard people instantly. Have a smooth and simple interface for people to use the different aspects of the chain and have a great users experience from start to finish. In my opinion we have lost a lot of traction from these issues which are vital to growth, price and investment. Unfortunately we will never have the next Instagram until people can create an account instantly and find the right app for them.

I would love to see as a gateway to all of the apps and games on the chain with live feeds and interesting posts from the different tribes. As a technology company driving cutting edge blockchain tech it does seem a bit of a contradiction that the two main sites for the company are a long way behind the use cases.

Hopefully after the hardfork we can see some information about getting ready for mass adoption and creating a simple and enticing place to join the apps or create your own. Things are looking up and i'm glad to be here as they do. I just wan't to see the basics right for that to happen.

19.07.2019 18:28

Thanks - this is a great and well thought out comment. Smoother onboarding is certainly something on our minds and will get the attention it deserves in time. One step at a time, right now our focus is on a smooth rollout of HF21, Communities, and Smart Media Tokens - but don’t worry, onboarding will certainly not be forgotten.

19.07.2019 23:10

Cool, could you merge this? I've just resolved the conflict:

There are many dapps using beneficiary, so appropriate information is needed. Thanks.

19.07.2019 18:39

We’ll take a look. Thanks for the work you’ve been doing! We’re loving the renewed interest in community development.

19.07.2019 23:24

Great video, I've always appreciated your communication style.

Also loved that you talked about your vision for Steem.

I really encourage the SteemIt, Inc team to make posts like this from time to time.

Benefits: Humanizes us to each other. Keeps the community up to date, when people know what is happening they don't fill in the blanks.

From your side it gives you a feel for tools the end users are dealing with and helps when trying to envision changes like the wallet.

If you are used to using the site... You can have a better grasp of it.

Thank you for the video.


19.07.2019 18:42

Thanks @whatsup - I agree 100%, and #newsteem is paving the way to the future!

19.07.2019 23:03

I absolutely agree with you, up until now i don't think i have felt as connected as i have seeing this particular blog post by the engineer. It made me feel like i knew who was accountable for what, and not just knowing the CEO alone. Big thumbs... More of this development please.

21.07.2019 22:51

Really well done. I agree 100% with what JustinW is saying. Great interview! Keep them coming!

19.07.2019 18:52

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19.07.2019 19:01

You've been doing a lot of good work and making yourself available to the community. Very much appreciated.

19.07.2019 19:02

Thanks, you too @guiltyparties

19.07.2019 23:04

Nice interview!

lol @andrarchy I still remember the history of the painting you have on your wall xd

19.07.2019 19:41

That makes me soooooooo happy 😃 😊 😆

19.07.2019 21:15

I believe the future is bright for steem

19.07.2019 19:46

My vision for Steem is that it one day becomes a household name - that it’s something that everyone will see on whatever application they happen to be using. I see it being commonplace to see the words “Powered by Steem"

Ok. Why?

If there is a website... Due to rules of economy it will either thrive *(if it's good), or it will dissapear (if it is not good enough). Darvinian selection.

What is the place that Steem will/ should/ could cover?

Let's see a project that supports Steem:
How much those authors earn? Less than 1$.
Would you hussle to make changes to your website and use some confusing stuff like Steem for a dollar?
Would you spend a week, coding some extras in order to get a dollar?

No. 7 billion people don't need it.
7 billion people have no clue how to use it.
7 billion people have have no idea for what it will be used.

Try to explain them in simple words: you get paid by likes, likes paged on nothing, we just print them.

If at least you have provided a simple solutions to sign-up and to just copy-paste a short piece of code, it might work.

For some strange reason, you decided not to do that for 3 years.
I don't know why.

19.07.2019 19:57

Because Steem (the blockchain) is bigger than just Steemit (the reddit-like first dApp on Steem). I could see Steem powering the next Instagram or the next Twitter in the future - and 7 billion people do need a modern decentralized social media that is ready to onboard the masses, even if they don’t know it quite yet.

19.07.2019 23:30

I have no clue about technicalities but I read an essay on the trending page today of @heimindanger today who claims that no blockchain is capable of such of scaling.
Your thoughts?

20.07.2019 02:44

no decentralized blockchain can scale without tradeoffs.
A honest blockchain-performance video, without any promotion, would be great. Vitalik is also very fakt-based, when it comes to scaling this is what attracts people.

20.07.2019 07:24

Also... If you are a big company, and your reputation could be ruined if something goes wrong (remember HF20?), would you rely on something that is decentralized? On something that can be changed by some people who are not under their control?

I mean... 100 witnesses x 50$/month worth servers = let's be generous, 10.000 $/month. 10.000 $/month is a peanut for even a decent company, not giants.

What do you think, if Instagram needs a coin, would they build their own coin, make HF overthrown impossible and keep all the servers under their control, or they will just believe that people are good creatures and that they would never, ever do something evil against them?

20.07.2019 09:02

In the real world people still do not get the idea of what cryptocurrency is and how it changes the world. Even if Facebook in the end does it, it does not mean that ANY other social media sites gets it.

I have personal experience with these things... 1 in 50000 people gets it after years and years...

20.07.2019 13:21

This is the current paradigm and it works. Your right, centralization is highly efficient because it brings control and ideally, experts can make better decisions... but there is a third way:

Using the big data of the users as democratic input. Not asking what they want like in our democracies, but looking for what they do. This is what Facebook is doing, but with a real DAO you dont need a Zuckerberg anymore.

When you see some concentration of voting circles and strong self-votes and you can correlate this with loss of users, THEN THIS IS already a DEMOCRATIC DECISION. You only need to translate it into action.

But I fully agree, most witnesses are the same amateurs as we users are. Them having a big stake is no argument, its a fallacy/a bias and as we see in Steem it leads to HFs which are maybe not the best decision. Is a witness an expert in social media marketing? Are the people who have penetrated..uhmm I mean voted the witness have any expertise? No! But Facebook is an expert just by selection.

20.07.2019 15:31

But I fully agree, most witnesses are the same amateurs as we users are. Them having a big stake is no argument, its a fallacy/a bias and as we see in Steem it leads to HFs which are maybe not the best decision.

There are many things that should/ could be modified.
However, there are fundamentals that should not be even touched.
Cars must have 4 wheels, not 5, not 11. Four wheels.
And if you want to hire someone to be on a well paid position - you shoul make an open call, make some selection and chose those who fulfill the criteria.
Simple as that

20.07.2019 18:04

This is dPos. Those witnesses would also need to be voted in with massive amounts of stake in order to 'take control'. Simply running a large number of witness nodes would not achieve that effect.

Why build your own chain when you can get one that is already established, comes with an existing large community and support, desired social features, and your own token with which you can still perform an ICO if you wish (SMTs)?

20.07.2019 18:48

Why wouldn't I? (I, like a strong website)

I could make my own rules, my own settings. Code is already open-source, thus I know how to do it. That coin would serve as an extension of my brand. And that coin would not have the past that is maybe negative.

In other words, very small infrastructure could de novo mine Steem-like token with some upgrades, and the whole mess with fake whales, bid bots, blah, blah, would be avoided. The graph on coinmarketcap would be pointing upwards, not towards zero.

They are not going to invest in this coin, it would be a business suicide.

The only way to maybe bring some strong player would be to bribe them with a massive amount of coin. Coin with low value. Coin that you (Inc.) had, and now you have much less.

Again, crown example, @rt-international came - what have you done to get their public support and to get some exposure in media?

Or, even better question. How many websites are using Steem (that stuff, much larger than Steemit) and what is the total traffic they have? After 3 years. Which of those websites, platforms is the most well known?

Also, who is the most popular Instagram star who joined Steem(it)?
And who is the most popular Youtuber?
Any celebrities?

There are only three options:

  • echo chamber bubble, everything is fine 24/7 mantra, and you think everything is perfect
  • 7 billion people are idiots
  • you don't have nearly finalized product
20.07.2019 20:17

Just some quick napkin math based on some stats that were in his post:

Back in 2015, it was stated that graphene-based blockchains (this was referring to Bitshares specifically which Steem was based on) was able to handle up to 18,000 transactions per second on a distributed network.

That's roughly 1.5 billion transactions per day. Twitter currently handles about 500 million tweets per day according to their statistics page.

These were stats from 2015, it is now 2019 and Steem has continued to evolve. Along with many other scaling challenges out of the way (such as MIRA to solve the ever-increasing RAM hardware issue that still plagues other graphene chains), I think we are very well positioned to bring in a mass amount of activity.

Further, Steem is an ongoing and very much alive project. As new challenges arise, those problems too will be tackled.

20.07.2019 18:37

Thanks for your time. I'm really glad to hear this from the top dog.

20.07.2019 19:26

Ok, great, it's nice, big, great...

Now... Instagram knows how to make money. FB knows how to make money. Twitter knows.
They also know how to get users' attention.
They know how to build addictive products.

Those are facts. They know how to do it.

Now... Why would they addoprt third-party's coin?
If they need a coin, they are going to make their own coin.

Let's imagine, Instagram takes Steem, I don't know why, but they do.
What is their benefit to do it?
Maybe, only maybe, their user count would rise a bit.
On the other side, very bad content will be upvoted, selfvoting, bidbots...
They would ruin the principle 1 man 1 like
And users would become frustrated and discouraged. So they will actually lose a lot of users.

Decentralized... Nobody cares. People only care if the final product is good or not. What is behind the courtain, people don't care.
Don't trust me, take a paper and pencil, hit the streets and ask 1000 people

20.07.2019 07:58

They have 10 years of tech and marketing experience and no morality.

21.07.2019 06:30

You can check the first part of your sentence via LinkedIn

21.07.2019 09:32

7 billion people do need a modern decentralized social media that is ready to onboard the masses, even if they don’t know it quite yet.

Why current socieal media platforms are not modern? What makes them obsolete?

Why that social network needs to be decentralized? What are pros and cons? We can clearly see that centralized networks work, for more than a decade and those are giving us comepletely new way of interacting.

Ready to onboard on masses. Ok, if it's ready, why it has 1 million users and not 1 billion users, like forementioned? It's 0.1%?
What? There are 10.000 active users? Not 1 million.
Ok, / 10.000 = 100.000 times less.
So, Steem(it) was able to get onboard 1% of 1% of FB users, after 3 years.
Pardon, 1/10 of that number, I've lost a zero.

So, you have something great, that people still don't know they need it.
They will come in masses, although 1/10 of 1% of 1% of people came to this platform in 3 years. And it must be decentralized because, reasons.

I'm not malevalent. I'm not an expert. My questions are simple.
And if you are not able to provide the answeres, than that is the answer how this platform drifted from 1.000 Million $ marketcap to 70 millions, in 500 days.

20.07.2019 12:02

people still are using bank accounts... i thought they would all be closed and obsolete years ago... crypto still is a niche for some enthusiasts... Adoption might take another 10-20 years...

20.07.2019 13:25

people still are using bank accounts... i thought they would all be closed and obsolete years ago...

Wait... Why?

bank accounts work

  • those are safe
  • reliable
  • currency is stable
  • Dollar is recognized globaly
  • they have anti-fraud mechanisms
  • if something goes wrong, and it's not my fault, my money is safe and insured
  • my savings are safe and insured

Tell me, what are the advantages of the current options in crypto?

  • currencies (most of them) are volatile
  • exchanges were hacked countless times
  • blockchain is irreversible
  • most of them are based on hopes and dreams
  • many of them have <10.000 users

More questions:

  • how to track money laundry?
  • how to pay taxes?
  • how to calculate customs/ charges?

Who would you trust more? Bank + Insurance + the whole nation + government +++++
Or... about 20 people called witnesses, who have got several millions of some crypto and invested it in PoS. You don't even know if those people are real. You don't know if those 20 people are indeed 20 people. You are not insured. And even if everything goes to hell, nobody will care, because the whole marketcap is a drop in ocean.

Are you sure you want to shut down your bank account?

20.07.2019 14:08

Hi alexs1320! Fantastic discussion and engagement... I just jumped in to confirm a lot of my own personal sentiments regarding comparable choices available to the critical masses ~ They, in my opinion, want it all except the bad stuff... That's not a good feeling when you're hacked and robbed! It is pure consolation knowing that if the blockchain is hacked and everyone is robbed, even if in real-time with our eyes wide open, we are fully insured... up to the last satoshi decimal of "whatever-whatsoever-whatchamacallit" token coin that was stolen. It is all thereby government ordered to continue to enable my personal wealth and freedom powered by cryptocurrencies!

Excellent comment ~ thanks for sharing your thoughtful feelings!

21.07.2019 13:26

It's a strange sentiment in crypto people:

We don't want laws! But we will assume that there are laws.
We don't want banks! But we want to have all the functions provided by banks.
We want those to be FREE! Although in real life, you can get the whole package for several dollars per month. Even if it's 100% free, it still less than 100 $ per year
We want to stay anonymus! But giving all personal data for KYC airdrop - no problem :D

Most of the time, those people behave like some Old Greeks from 7000 years ago:
"We should build a Society! Now... Let's see... We need some rules."

Once big players step in, like Libra, you will see that the only viable solution is 99% of "classic approach" and several percents for a bit different interface.
It is not going to be 100% revolutionary

21.07.2019 13:34

hola Justin que gran material nos has proporcionado en este día, espero que sigas mostrándonos e informándonos sobre los avances de steemit que todos los que pertenecemos a ella sabemos que sera grandiosa en el futuro que no esta muy lejano.

19.07.2019 20:00

I absolutely love the communication. I do have a question about smart media tokens. I have a small understanding abou them and i would like to know why it is important to be able to have your own currency? Doesn't that take away from steem?
I really do appreciate all the info you gave! Thanks Beth

19.07.2019 20:03

That's a great question and one we plan on exploring in posts in the very near future through @steemitblog, so be sure to give that account a follow if you haven't already. In short, SMTs won't take away from Steem because they will actually create more demand for Steem. The reasons why are technical, but I don't think that's the important part. The important thing is that every community has their own values and their own social norms. Different people value different things in different ways. That's why they need their own currency. We've spoken to countless developers and community leaders over the years and they all say the same thing, "We want our own Steem-like token." In order for Steem to be adopted by the masses it has to offer them features that find valuable. As the team behind the blockchain, it's our job to make sure that everything ties back into Steem making the whole thing economically sustainable and scalable. If you would like to learn more technical details you can read the whitepaper at

19.07.2019 21:21

Thanks. Nice explanations

20.07.2019 01:09

Thank you. This information really explains a lot. I appreciate you taking the time.

20.07.2019 13:20

I was today years old when I learned what SMT was.

20.07.2019 17:42
20.07.2019 18:55

Thanks. This information really help me a lot.

21.07.2019 02:36

You know I post my videos on youtube about how bad you are, censoring me here so, I just post everywhere else about it - don't you know! lol

21.07.2019 19:39


22.07.2019 14:20

I am an Arborist by trade and lately spend most of my time helping organizations in the Phoenix, AZ area to build intensive gardens that have food available year round. Due to the way we plan these sites out using companion perennial plants and lots of trees that all work together to provide specific nutrients to each other, they become established within 3 years at which time they no longer require any fertilizer or organic matter inputs and little to zero water besides the rain. At this point the only required maintenance is to gather the ripe food when it is available so it doesn't attract pests plus to prune everything so they don't overgrow each other while competing for sunlight. Each time we prune we can take the cuttings and make a new tree, plant, vine or root vegetable which we will buy from the client and sell to the next client who is starting their forest. We started a cryptocurrency on Ethereum so that we could use it to keep track of value that we could disperse to clients so they can use it to hire our services as well as purchase new trees and plants. Ether is way too expensive to send small amounts of tokens through their platform. Do you know if Steem would be at a lesser costs for micro-transactions? If so who could I talk to about development? I am not a developer and barely know how to code. I actually learned Solidity so we could develop a simple token to use and am willing to try other platforms. Just wish I knew that the transactions wouldn't have worked as I spent 6 months working 20 hours a week to figure how to code the little bit that I know....

22.07.2019 23:17

Yes, absolutely Steem can be used to easily solve your problem. Not only would the cost of your transactions be lower ... they'd be FREE. That's because all transactions on Steem are free. Not only that, but you won't need to learn any blockchain specific code at all. Right now you can take advantage of Steem-Engine tokens to solve that problem. We are also far along with our own development of our Smart Media Tokens protocol which will enable you to launch a token directly on the Steem blockchain. But we still haven't announced a release date for that, and Steem-Engine tokens should allow you to solve that problem. If you'd like to speak to some amazing Steem developers, stop by this discord channel here:

23.07.2019 16:25


19.07.2019 21:24

Plan watch this later as I can't at the moment but wanted to personally thank you for the help the other day.

I have yet to conduct the HF21 testing for SFR but intend get it knocked out soon. Thank you for your contributions to the blockchain!

Looking forward to watching and learning more about your vision for Steem

Posted using Partiko Android

19.07.2019 20:22

Thank for testing (in the future) HF21!

19.07.2019 21:22

Hello, first I apologize because I used a translator to read the content and also to respond. I think it's excellent the confidence with which is drawn up each word and that provided to users. I am confident this platform and i bet your success. Greetings.

19.07.2019 20:29

Thanks for taking the time to translate and thanks for your kind words of encouragement!

19.07.2019 23:42

Super nice to meet you! This is fun to watch, good to 'get to know you' a little bit through this video. Hope to see more of you and your colleagues in the future :-) Cheers!

This comment is Powered by Steem

19.07.2019 20:35

Hi @soyrosa, nice to meet you too! I love how this comment is “Powered by Steem”!

19.07.2019 23:12

omg everything here is powered by steem? get a clue! quit being redundant, quit wasting time chatting on steem and get bak to engineering! maggot!

Flagging u until respond...about the blocks? Maybe steemit also needs to delegate a counter flag program to help people like me fighting the burn??!ng?lol view pic below!


20.07.2019 07:28

Where u been - meet? lol get a clue!!

20.07.2019 07:28

I see it being commonplace to see the words “Powered by Steem"

That would be a dream coming true @justinw
Only the thought of it gave me the chills.

19.07.2019 20:43

Great video Justin! Thanks for putting this together and for all the work you've done for this platform.

19.07.2019 20:51

Thanks, you too @firepower!

19.07.2019 23:40

Thanks, Justin!
In a world of centralized social networking, we desperately need a social network like steemit. Together we will take this platform to the next level. I don't know much about other people but I'm sick of the centralized social networks.
We need a decentralized internet for more privacy and security.

19.07.2019 20:56

Very interesting and a great interview.

19.07.2019 21:17

glad to hear from you. While it's important that you guys talk the show, it's much important that you walk the show. Keep up the good work. Good luck

19.07.2019 22:08

Nice interview. I wish you would have gotten into a little bit more specifics surrounding what aspects about STEEM you feel make it 'the most advanced' or what properties about it are more advanced than other blockchain networks.

19.07.2019 22:13

Thanks. That’s a great suggestion for a potential future video. I would love to dive into that a little more.

19.07.2019 23:44

Hearing more about your thoughts, I think could be really important to people. You are playing a massive role behind the scenes and I think hearing details from you would be important not only to the community, but also to developers considering whether to build on STEEM or some other platform. You might also provide confidence to people who might want to invest further in STEEM.

Conversations like the one you have begun having with your interview here, are a big part of the "transparency" that the community has been clamoring for, for a long time.

I look forward to hearing more from ya! Cheers.

20.07.2019 01:53

I'd also like to hear this - I am bias towards Steem because of some of the obvious - it's superfast, it costs nothing move it around, it powers steemit etc.... But I would love to see some quantitative measures and see how updates/a roadmap hopes to improve those numbers even further - this could move me from a hobbyist to a strong advocate/investor....also does anyone know where does one get a cool powered by Steem shirt? - and can I pay for it with SBD? :)

20.07.2019 03:18

My vision for Steem is that it one day becomes a household name - that it’s something that everyone will see on whatever application they happen to be using. I see it being commonplace to see the words “Powered by Steem" because it will just become how you do social media and cryptocurrency in the future.


Those skittish about investing in Steem and powering up should think a bit about the implications of Steem being a household name.

19.07.2019 22:47

I find the front end difficult and confusing, such as the search function. Steempeak looks better, but since most people will run into Steemit first what changes will we see there?

It's also hard to commit in-depth content here but hopefully the new communities allow for more ever green options.

19.07.2019 23:14

We love the works you do and how the Steemit team communicate very effectively to the community by using this featured post. I have faith Steem more than ever before. Great works!

19.07.2019 23:18

glad to read your Vision of Steem, powered by Steem is exactly what we should see on every dapp.
Steem should be the brand for everyone easy to remember, until now we have only Steem, the coin.
Brandbuilding is very important as we can see on other "Socials" like Facebook or Twitter.
One pretty nice Steem landing page which leads and explains to all the dapps and other interfaces.
Until now it's like in a jungle.. 😄
Have a nice day

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19.07.2019 23:18

Thank you for having this interview. Thanks also for having us better know the people behind STEEM and their vision. I believe this to be one of the important aspects that needs to be known. Thanks Andrew for initiating this.

19.07.2019 23:27

Wow, great to have people like this on our side. Makes me feel very confident that I'm in the right place :)

19.07.2019 23:44

Good to see that you finally have an "about" page, so that Steemit, Inc. doesn't look like a secret organisation anymore but like a software/blockchain company. :)

A little suggestion would be to add the STEEM user name of every team member to his real name.
For example, as far as I know @roadscape is a developper of the Steemit team but I cannot assign this user name to any face on the "about" page.

20.07.2019 00:59

We've talked a little about adding steem account names to that page and I believe we will probably be doing that. Thanks for your suggestion @jaki01!

25.07.2019 17:26

Great, I think that would also emphazise that the Steemit, Inc. staff is really using their own site ...

Even in case you should finally decide against my suggestion I appreciate that you are replying (communicating with the community). :)

By the way (I mentioned it before already) I really wonder why isn't already registered at Brave as a BAT recipient (like for example CoinMarketCap), which would create quite some additonal earnings? isn't among the sites earning BAT:

25.07.2019 17:40

Thanks - we actually have been looking into this and I believe the hold up is with uphold (pun intended). If you're not familiar, uphold is a centralized exchange/wallet service and our account has not been approved yet (requirements and KYC for businesses is much different than invividuals). Unfortunately, BAT rewards can only be claimed with one of these centralized exchange accounts.

25.07.2019 19:36

Thanks for this enlightening reply!

25.07.2019 19:47

He's a con artist! lol

26.07.2019 06:52
26.07.2019 06:52

Are you in @ned's garage?

20.07.2019 01:04

Nope, that's where they put me - member!

21.07.2019 00:06

Reading post and watching vlogs from Steemit Team, gives a positive feeling for all small users on steemit. It also boosts the confidence with a feeling of "party is yet to start"

It let users have an idea about a lot more than they are thinking is going on, even if they don't understand every technical aspect.

I think after SMT launch steemit will automatically have A lot numbers of dedicated teams working toward different aspects of Social Media Platform like Gaming, Blogs, vlogs, short posts and all that. All backed by Steem

Steem on ☺

20.07.2019 03:26

thanks justinw, good to hear from you. Love the vision!

20.07.2019 04:34

Hello @justinw,
Do you think that in near future steem will be more popular than bitcoin?

20.07.2019 04:55

i really love communication i'm new first time i am following you

20.07.2019 05:26

hey I enjoyed this post, and i apreciate the effort, but it seemed a little short, liek i was readinga nd the i was like uh... thats it? You work for steemit inc! cant you do a lil more of a detailed post? EXPLAIn some BULLETIN points about HOW steem can be a household name, and be realistic! talk about how if reddit can get 200 million users that even if you got 10% of that 20 million peopel would be agreat start, and 20 milliuon users could 20x our price at least from 20 cents to $4 at LEASt right? shouldbe more exponential actually but hey, lets talk about taking us from 1 million accounts or 80 thousand active users to 20 million active users, 100 million accounts, thats what we need to talk about, set some big goals.... steem should be able to get to that goal of 100 million accounts, if people have to use second layer solutions for now so be it but obviously hardfork is needed to lower limits after the bandwitdh of steem is somehow fixed, higehr capacity, more efficient system, mroe servers, sueprnodes maybe, i dunno,

but seriously just give us something more when you gusy make posts like this noticed u and elizabeth try to get away with real quickposts :D ur paid too high for dat yo

20.07.2019 05:33

Upvote! Before speaking about millions, let's see. Who is the greatest debunker on youtube, concerning science?

No doubts, it's this guy:
Million subscribers, not bad.

Why he is not here?

For years, you have indirectly supported science, right?
After throwing around several hundred thousands of dollars, what are the results?
About 500 plagiarists from sh-hole countries, some blocks with highschool, countless Wiki rephrasing, even waiters and truck drivers.

And you are wondering why your platform is steeming towards the oblivion.

Instead of getting competent people on board, you were collecting scum.
Instead of getting the best, to work for you and to promote you, you were supporting sub-mediocre users.

This is the answer, what is the solution.
Use your 30M power, and make some contacts with actually useful people.
Simple as that, you can fix it in about 3 months - if you want to

21.07.2019 20:26

@justinw Greetings and nice to meet you.
This is my first comment since reaching a rep of (65) through hard work and quality content.
I think that steem should also work a bit on their caring image.
There are millions of small charities around the world that can provide an excellent face for steem to the masses.
You guys at the helm could maybe think to develop an application wherein charities can become self sustainable?
Blessings and all strength to your work.

20.07.2019 06:45

$ FEEDBACK!You asked 4 It, now here is da truth!

Full ownership, how come some of my posts and stories get ripped down, i.e. my alien intro story :D??&thing! You should shave that beard, looks yucky, how could a chick like something like that?asquatch "look" head of YUP, that last smile??
Wear a suit for ya pi, look professional - same for all u steemit people! Learn how to play the game right, bet you will get more investors 100%! Come on get with it man! Just trying to help, no-one else would dare too tell the truth around here but me! Do it 4 STEEM!or your people, look "moar"profl u other steemit steemit people out there in the limelight! Lethe business game correctly, be4 STEEM! I bet u would look fantastic in a suit!evs / engineering or whateva!Engineer your wardrobe!

wardrobe./. public image, been same for eva!! I been here forever, so I should know!

YUP a suit!


20.07.2019 07:12

Nice vision. It is good to know what the main actors are up to and feel. Thanks for the update and keeping us in the loop and giving us your opinions.

What do you think is the best thing that changed with Steem since you started working there?

20.07.2019 07:51

I thought that was awesome. It is almost strange - though it shouldn't be - to get to hear from the people making the platforms where we spend so much time. I truly appreciate the work that you are doing. I create art every single day, and it's nice to have a place to have a voice. If you want any art created to help promote Steem, let me know.

20.07.2019 07:57

Justin it is my wish too for Steem to become a household name, I have been on Steem since before rewards were live and one of the few still active early adopters. One of my early projects was the @steemdrive billboard campaign, alot of people knock it but to me it was aimed at doing exactly that, making Steem a real world name flighted in the same manner as other common household brands like Coca-Cola. Rest assured I will continue to innovate on Steem and try new stuff to make it happen, still thinking something along the universal language of sports might bring people to Steem, am going to give that a go amongst other things.

20.07.2019 08:37

I hear people like sports a lot. It's worth a shot!

I also wouldn't mind seeing some billboards someday.

20.07.2019 19:10

Will give it my best, wow that's cool I'm happy to hear you like the billboards idea, some people were against the rewards pool being used for it but maybe the SPS could be the right avenue for it, I have experience dealing with the agencies, international payments and artwork requirements and have had billboards commissioned in the USA, UK, South Africa and New Zealand, can basically do them anywhere, much the same process. I think around the time of SMT's would make the most sense to start up a Billboard campaign again, if you feel there need for it sooner please contact me.

20.07.2019 23:15


21.07.2019 00:30

Fix us Seymore!

21.07.2019 00:31

Is steem blockchain ready to absorb the traffic of all the dapps if their userbase goes up by 100 times?

20.07.2019 08:47

What is the likelihood that steem dapps increase their userbase 100X? 0%?

20.07.2019 21:22

I like how you think, we’re already on a path of having so many applications that everyone has heard some of them. Shit we already have so many automated shit and buttons and giddy ohmygosh.This , this chain truly, truly is the best.

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20.07.2019 09:59

Ya I also think that the future of this community and people's like me who are connected to this community have a bright future.....
In many of aspects there were so many ups and down but the whole team of steemit work continuously to make it better day by day thank you so much for posting this informative video

20.07.2019 10:46

Until you clean up the abuse of the sole-purpose downvoters here (like @bloom) and the abuse of the reputation score that allows people to gain unwarranted high scores without doing anything but gaming the system, everything else you do will be a waste of time, as the potential will still exist for everyone's "words" (as you say) to be rendered hidden and essentially meaningless, and good contributors will eventually tire of working for nothing.

Keep up the good work you are doing, but we must address downvote abuse by people who sign up merely to downvote opinions/news/facts they don't like and contribute NOTHING ELSE but downvotes to the platform.

20.07.2019 11:58

I think what we need and the feature you are probably waiting for is Communities. Right now what we have is sort of like one giant community, but with the only 'moderation' feature being the visual effect of someone downvoting a comment below $0 (comments are never removed, they are just not as visible in the interface). Since communities have moderation features, it can be a great answer to most of these woes.

20.07.2019 20:22

Will moderation include the ability to ban offenders?

20.07.2019 23:23

Will moderation
Include the ability
To ban offenders?

                 - mepatriot

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

20.07.2019 23:23

What about outsourcing some of the work to volunteers in the community? One of the major hurdles for Steemit is the user interface- it is way too outdated and unwieldy.

Someone needs to consolidate a lot of the information about tools and resources for STEEM and put it all in one place for people to find. Right now there are projects and ideas floating all over the place but discovering them is difficult. Even just understanding the basics like STEEM/SBD and SP is confusing for most.

20.07.2019 12:12

Great idea! I took it upon myself to help out Steemit Inc by clicking on all the Google Ads bombarding the platform... I know we don't get any of the revenue, but it may help Steemit Inc develop faster by helping to increase the ad revenues from Google Ads... Am I breaking the downvote flag war treaty with some Steemians?

21.07.2019 13:39

don't do that, I know you mean well but clicking tons of the ads can actual get them banned from adsense

23.07.2019 22:40

I think steemitinc should outsource developers and employees than employing Americans who just charges much money for their services @justinw

20.07.2019 13:45

Although having skipped the video, my following of this wonderful experiment has been going on for a while now.

It seems to me that the more shortsighted the expectations one has of STEEM then, often, the louder the complaints one has concerning STEEM Development.

Those focusing on how much fiat that they can exchange for their steem and who seem to see the blockchain, only, as a social media blogging dApp, seem to be the democraphic which most vocally express their displeasure with STEEM Development.

It's nice to see you calling their bluff with the many community pulls requests which The Team has incorprated (please excuse the pun 😎) into the Condenser code.

Kudos to you and the team. 👍😎

20.07.2019 14:55

I think that right now there is a great filter in steem and only those who see it as a home will remain. Thanks great video.
Thank you for letting me see warm human beings behind TEAM STEEMIT.

20.07.2019 15:54

20.07.2019 16:11

Hello Justin!, greetings from Asuncion, Paraguay, thank you very much for accepting me on the platform! It will help me a lot to spread my music and the shows that I will be attending so more people in the world know how far the musical culture already arrives! I hope to help in making content too and that this great venture continues to grow a lot! hugs!

20.07.2019 17:42

Welcome to Steem and Steemit! Glad you made it here.

20.07.2019 17:55

I just read that steem couldn't handle something the size of Instagram built on it currently, is that true?

20.07.2019 17:53

@jondoe see my response to @oldtimer asking a similar question on this post but in another thread.

20.07.2019 19:05

Ok thanks. Did you see my suggestion about limiting witness votes per account as well?

20.07.2019 19:24

Yes - answered on that thread 👍 🙂

25.07.2019 17:24

I can’t get the link to work. May I have the URL please.

03.10.2019 17:10

Thank you for letting us look “under the hood” of Steem.While we all have varying levels of comprehension we are reassured by your willingness to share and discuss what you feel are the successes, challenges and future of the blockchain. I appreciate your work and your communications.

20.07.2019 18:49

I have a suggestion @justinw ...

Can we please limit the witness votes to 5-10 per account? It makes no sense for everyone to have 30 votes when basically the top 20 witnesses decide things. That means that if someone gets enough stake they can vote in all the top 20 witnesses themselves, which is basically what we have happening right now with just a couple of the largest whales determining who the top witnesses are...

That is anything but decentralized and a risk to the long term survival of this place.

20.07.2019 19:15

That's an interesting idea, you should talk to the witnesses about it. In general, I think we are in favor of at least getting this discussion started as something to maybe be implemented in a future hardfork. If someone makes a great post about this, we'd be happy to feature it.

25.07.2019 17:23

The problem is that some of the current witnesses may be against it as it may directly impact their 'earnings' and a seat at the Top 20 table...

That is part of the problem with this system, the foxes are watching the hen house.

But this is something we absolutely need to change for this place to be even remotely decentralized. As it stands right now we have 2 stake holders basically deciding 19 of top 20 witnesses... that has to change.

25.07.2019 17:41

I think the best way to address this problem is to bring it out into the open - if they are against this change, get them to say it (and why they are against it) on a public featured post.

25.07.2019 18:10

Ok, I will do that. Does it require a HF to make this change?

25.07.2019 18:58

Yes, it would - and the solution might not be quite as simple as one would think. It would require some discussion as to what the best way to implement it would be. The issue that would need a creative, safe, and fair solution would be how to remove existing votes, and which ones to remove.

25.07.2019 19:27

We would have to reset all votes and then people would have to go back and re-vote for those they want. That would actually be a good thing as there are some dormant votes on there that likely don't need to be. The more I think about this, the more I think something in the 5 vote range would be ideal.

But yes, we would not to make sure the chain continues running while the unvote/re-voting process takes place... for that perhaps we just keep the same top 20 in there for the first 24 hours until there has been some time for votes to be recast and a new top 20 set?

25.07.2019 19:37

great interview. thanks for the update

20.07.2019 20:25

Hi @justinw would either you or @andrarchy know whats up with these weird scammy seeming facebook comments?

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 4.21.02 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-07-20 at 4.19.15 PM.png

20.07.2019 21:06

Do you think this is some kind of gimmick conjured up by M. Zuckerberg and the LIBRA coin team that got battered before the U.S. congressional enhanced interrogation committee members? ...I think the U.S. congressional inquiry about LIBRA is the beginning of the BLOCKCHAIN INQUISITION directed by the central banking lobby headed by the FED. Interested to hear anyone's thoughts about this. Thanks for sharing this info @synrg.

21.07.2019 14:04

It's a serious question and every single serious country must reply to this challenge.

Will crypto be prohibited? No... It's something that can create additional value, and, if taxed boost the economy a bit.

It is going to be regulated and framed into the laws - absolutely

21.07.2019 14:18

Thanks that account has now been blocked. Apparently people can create multiple accounts with the name "Steem." That account has now been reported and all those messages removed. If you see any more of these spammy messages, please let me know by e-mailing me at, or you can message me on discord @andrarchy as well.

22.07.2019 19:31

Have to say I agree with the idea of Steem being fundamentally about letting people have a platform that cannot be easily taken away or corrupted. It is mainly what attracted me to it. Less concerned about the currency than I am about the content.

Still I appreciate that work has been done to make it all a little stable and swifter. One of the challenges to any platform is being able to scale adequately as needed without also slowing down operations as they continue to ramp up.

Keep I the good work and so long as it doesn't depart too much from my vision I hope to be here in 5 years to see the direction it goes in.

20.07.2019 21:11

I think this post should be in the trending list! Great thoughts and feel confidence with Steemit future!


20.07.2019 22:23

Congratulations @justinw, Your post has been trended by @theguruasia!
You’ve got 8 & @theguruasia got 2 TRDO!

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20.07.2019 22:23

Great to hear this.

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21.07.2019 03:33

Am surprised to see a post like this and am interested in this!
I wanna be like you in future !
But would like to request to follow me back and to support my community childrens because they are too risky to their lives!

18.09.2019 12:52

Will do

18.09.2019 14:29

God bless you @clitadias
For this Comment
I think you have mean it!
Have happy day!

18.09.2019 17:42

@justinw is a cool guy. Despite his busy schedule, he's always helpful and answers questions in a friendly respectful manner. Keep it up. Respect to the beard of Steem.

21.07.2019 03:51

Yeah right, this guy doesn’t answer jack!

21.07.2019 09:37

I like the beard part lol.

21.07.2019 22:55

What are main engineering obstackles for steem right now? What problems consume most of your time?

And how do you evaluate current speed of development on steem?

21.07.2019 06:21

This is a really great platform only joined today but I am really impressed,its only a matter of time till Steem becomes an household name will be in my household for many years to come thank you for the opportunity to be on your platform we,who would thought ill be blogging for a life one day!

21.07.2019 09:08

Hey Justin, welcome board. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself, both background and vision... It means a lot, not only to me but to others that will be coming on board, as a result, our Platform blogging for Steemit Inc and the new Smart Media Tokens.

This is my compound question, will the SMT have open-source cryptography that enables it to have the following customized protocol? (1) a denomination series for medium of exchange, e.g.,[1], 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, [50], 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000... and store value, e.g., a token coin denominated [1] = 1 ounce of .999 fine pure silver minted bullion coin certified weight and content by the U.S. Mint equivalent to $20 USD and a token coin denominated [59] = 1 ounce of .999 fine pure gold minted bullion coin certified weight and content by the U.S. Mint equivalent to $1000 USD... (2) secondly, in addition to denomination can it also have "satoshi" ~ 8 decimals, i.e., 0.00000000 ...the denomination series with satoshi enables the token coin to also be traded on free-market exchanges of the blockchain ecosystem against all other cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, etc.

Thanks for your time to answer the question at your earliest convenience. I believe others will be interested in hearing how smart media tokens really are. Have a dilly great day!

21.07.2019 12:48

Greetings @justinw

I am from Venezuela, I have been in Steemit for about 8 months, in this time I have known inspiring people, who with their work have motivated me to continue facing the problematic situation that we live in my country; helping me to improve my sense of resilience. Steemit, more than a chain of blocks, has become the place of arrival for many people in search of knowledge and even tranquility. It is the best social network.

21.07.2019 14:01

Hi@justinw. Thanks for this interesting information, for us from the steemit community we have some doubts regarding the tokens in terms of how to invest and use the currency itself will create a domain of digital stability steem money versus the flutuations of other digital money market currencies digital world that positively or negatively affect digital monetary value

21.07.2019 14:08

Am surprised to see a post like this and am interested in this!
I wanna be like you in future !
But would like to request to follow me back and to support my community childrens because they are too risky to their lives!

18.09.2019 12:52

If no one else will say it..fine..MAN YOU HAVE A GREAT HEAD! So round and smooth. It is good to get to know the people behind the STEEMER scene. It is also good to know that you have a vision and are dedicated to steem as much most of us here. I look forward to what the future brings for US ALL!



21.07.2019 14:43

Hello, how are you?
I thought your content was excellent and I would like to know how beneficial it has been for you to do your work and show it inside Steemit?
it would be very useful if you could give me more information about how the platform works. thank you very much.

21.07.2019 15:41

I like your vision and feel more ptimistic after reading your post.

21.07.2019 18:12

I'd also like to hear this - I am bias towards Steem because of some of the obvious - it's superfast, it costs nothing move it around, it powers steemit etc.... But I would love to see some quantitative measures and see how updates/a roadmap hopes to improve those numbers even further - this could move me from a hobbyist to a strong

21.07.2019 18:26

And, as has been revealed, the true vision was to return to the good ole ad revenue system - you can count the number of ad blocks both in the post and the comment section

21.07.2019 19:48

Shouldn't the About page have links to the Steem blogs of the team? Of course some of them almost never post. I get that people are busy, but having something once in a while would make it worth following them.

Steem is not going to become a household name without real marketing. There is only so much the community can do.

I really hope we see communities soon as that is something a lot of people want to build around.

BTW I know some people are finding the Cloudflare screen annoying. Can that be tweaked to appear less often?

21.07.2019 20:52

You are requesting links !? are you getting cynical too ?

22.07.2019 08:57

I just think they are missing out on ways to promote this platform. Steemit are the main face of Steem and could do better.

22.07.2019 09:00

Hello group people, thank you for accepting me.
I tell you that a while ago a hacker entered my gta account online and he took illegal actions in the game provoking a permanent ban in the online game, check with rockstar and they told me that there were no appeals for permanent bans, not happy with this That I tried again, this time they answered that I would be subject to the decision of a second level analysis group, until today they have not answered me and I fear the worst, it is a situation that really hurts me since I play daily at online since 2016 and not being able to play anymore means to great discomfort for me that fills me with anguish, it is much more than a game for me, more than a hobby.
I would like to know if any of you know any tricks to get rid of the ban and continue playing normally or if you know who can fix it, if you know any friend of rockstar games please do me the of seeing if they can solve the problem
Whatever the way to solve it, I will thank you forever, it is something that means a lot to me. Greetings and good start of the week for everyone.

21.07.2019 22:16

Steem is way better then Facebook.

My ap computer science teacher got me into steem last year and I’m slowly growing on it and learning new things.

21.07.2019 22:51

Nice, steem on!

22.07.2019 00:19

I will thanks for the support

22.07.2019 00:20

I appreciate the follow dude. Steemit is amazing and it’s a great way for me to get a little extra college money if you know what I mean

22.07.2019 00:16

Its great.

22.07.2019 02:36

Thats awesome man, I hope someday steemit will also be an household name, I have so much hopes on steemit.

we have the first move advantage and we should use it wisely

22.07.2019 03:39

Very nice presentation on steemit.i sudgest next time there eould be more explanation on fund deposit prosedure on steemit

22.07.2019 05:17

Great to see Steemit Inc active!

22.07.2019 07:45

Justin, thanks for info and keep on the good work

22.07.2019 08:13

How come the STEEM facebook scam is coming from the official STEEM FB account? Alson since all the sock puppet accounts are fake, and also verified by me to be fake without any matching tx's why woul this scam be posted by steemit in the first place? Surely if it were real someone would do it? So who owns the steemit FB account and why is this post being posted still on FB? Do you give steem away or not? ! I know you will never answer me, I better start flagging again soon!

22.07.2019 08:50

Thanks for reaching out @justinw
I really believe delay is not denial. Keep reaching out and be open to genuine recommendations because I believe much more lost grounds will be regained through those.

22.07.2019 09:03

Good job. Commitment to the cause really encouraging

22.07.2019 10:25

Happy you write text of also. My connection is too slow to watch videos. Thanks for the info, update. I hope steem will be common soon 💕

22.07.2019 10:55


Thanks for sharing. Quick question, will we see a Steemit debit card anytime soon?

22.07.2019 11:39

God bless you bro, thank you for creating a steemit platform with the others, I hope this platform will continue to grow!!

22.07.2019 12:20

Hello @Justinw, thanks for taking out your time to air out the intricacies of the Steem platform as well as where it will be in the coming months or years. I do personally belive in this project regardless what others may say against it. All I have to say is keep up the good works and I hope @ned is doing just fine? ;)

22.07.2019 12:27

is it possible to have more transactions than at the moment (as maximum)?

Because if Instagramm / Facebook / reddit and co all would be based on steem, that would need more transactions.

22.07.2019 14:39

very very nice are talent man

22.07.2019 15:44

We shall reach vision insaAllah. But it will take time

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23.07.2019 02:51

Your meant steem dev team can able smt launch after 5 or 7 years am i right?
because steem dev team never tell us exact release date means they don't know about what is problems with blockchain.

23.07.2019 16:02

if steemit wants to become a household name like facebook then it has its homework cut out for it. i believe people patronise facebook and instagram because its easily accessible,and so damn easy to use- 'register,post,like, and share'

when i first log on to steemit i had to read a whole bunch of stuff on" how to use steemit". Steemit is somewhat complex and at this stage-a market for people who have fun by doing hard work.

hard work should be for the developers and not the users. the only work users should have to do is write good content( but again who defines what good content is?)

the platform itself is indeed cool but Steemit should be more flexible.
imstead of numbers for reputation why not fun titles like GOAT, LEGEND, STARTER, etc. Make this place a fun place to be because its fun and not because i want to earn some coins

25.07.2019 08:29

Gamification in the UI is indeed a great idea and certainly makes things more fun.

25.07.2019 17:28

@justinw thank you very much for doing this video. It's really interesting listening in to peoples experiences working with steemit and steem in general.

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25.07.2019 08:53

Thank you for giving us this great platform!

29.07.2019 19:11

How are you doing justin

24.08.2019 22:37

Am surprised to see a post like this and am interested in this!
I wanna be like you in future !
But would like to request to follow me back and to support my community childrens because they are too risky to their lives!

18.09.2019 12:46

Thank you for this post. I found Steem after investing in various crypto’s pow, pos, masternodes for a year. It was my initial impression that it was like an oasis in the dessert, in terms of what other projects hope to one day do and Steem has already done those things. I don’t know how advanced “graphene” is ? And I hope I am spelling that right, I suspect not, but I do understand or feel how far in front of the crowd of other projects this one is and logically it follows that there may be no existing solutions to the challenges you face unless they exist on Ethereum or some other blockchain doing what Steem is doing.

So I thank you for your work, I recognize and applaud your teams innovation and I am supporting the Steem Team.

03.10.2019 17:18

First off thanks for what you do @justinw! It was really nice hearing the long-term vision of what you see being the future of Steem/Steemit.

Although this is sort of un-related I was joking (not joking) with a friend the other day about how awesome a Steem OS (operating system for you non-techies) would be especially if it was styled as a Linux distribution that had all the Dapps pre-installed and newer ones available via repositories. Is there any potential that this might happen in the future? A mobile OS would be nice also but that is an entirely different can of worms!

Happy Steeming and I hope you are having an excellent day!

11.10.2019 15:20

Interesting idea about a 'Steem OS' Linux distro. I don't think that would be something on our roadmap, but, since almost everything we develop is open source it would be entirely possible for someone to do something like this yeah.

19.10.2019 16:05

Thanks for the reply. Perhaps someone along the way will take on such a project and 'make it happen'. :)

19.10.2019 16:18

Hi Justin, I have a list of about 100 active camillesteemer accounts. Where can I drop these. Best regards, Tom

30.10.2019 07:43

Are they accounts that are abusing the free 15sp delegation loan? If so, they would go here:

30.10.2019 14:00

OK, I tried to open a pull request. Not sure if it worked... I am not a programmer😬

30.10.2019 22:02