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Open Letter To Steem Community

Hello Steem Community!

With so much happening in Steem right out the gates for me and everyone at Tron and Steemit Inc, such as the launch of Communities and a soft fork 22.2 we weren’t expecting, I feel it is important to show you guys I am here and ready to begin building with you. Our team, the Tron folks and Steemit Inc together, are an amazing group of talented people and they are working hard behind the scenes to get our plans together after the acquisition process, which always leaves some open ended questions. It is my plan now to make sure we begin communicating with the Steem community and make sure we are a positive force in making Steem and Steemit 2.0 great.

We have so much to work to do to make the power that it really can be. And there are many ways we can get it there, from bridging TRX, TRC10’s and TRC20’s into Communities to marketing and growing From invitations and referrals to simpler and instant signups. From new listings of STEEM on ALL the greatest exchanges to integrations in critical hardware products. From bringing more influencers to the community and creating more content. There is so much I still want to give you from documenting and marketing my vision for to connecting with the passionate folks here in this community. Steemit team is also regrouping together in San Francisco this coming week, meeting up with the TRON’s developer community teams to discuss on the executable plans.

As such I want to make sure that together the team and community are a positive part of the communications that help to grow this ecosystem, and for that I would like to invite a group of our top 50 Witnesses to our first STEEMit 2.0 Town Hall, which we will hold tentatively on March 6th, 2020 (meeting logistics to follow). At this meeting I am hoping to hear from many Steemian Witness voices to learn and understand how they think we can grow Steem together, and how Steemit Inc can communicate with the witnesses on a regular basis. During the days leading up, I think we can post more information about this event with the help of any community members who tend to run town halls, and they will help make sure we are super effective. Please let us know who we should connect with in the comments! :)

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