Vote Netuoso For Witness


Currently there is a push to vote for community witnesses, and I support it. We as a community should be rallying to get our elected witnesses back into consensus, rather than having Tron controlled nodes there. We have 30 votes, use them all!

This also means removing your witness votes for witnesses who have taken the bribe to run Tron’s code. Watch your votes, ask questions if you have them.

But one thing that seems to have been over looked is voting for witnesses who are actually technically competent to even write and run code, as well as who have been a huge, HUGE, asset in securing the chain.. one of them being @netuoso

While I agree that getting the witnesses that are closest to the top in, I also think it’s important to have technical ones there as well.. and you have 30 votes. Use them all.

I have stayed behind the scenes for most of this, just trying to focus on news coverage, but felt this was something that needed to get put out.. as many who are working hard behind the scenes are not in the old top 20.. and this chain wouldn’t be secure without them.

Vote @Netuoso for witness

Others that could you one of your other 30 votes-


These mentioned are what I would call technical witnesses and have been vital in securing the chain, while being low on the list still. I feel getting more technical witnesses further up the list is a good security measure at this time.

This is my opinion alone and advice based on what I’ve seen.


Excuse the shortness and lack of formatting here. I’m on mobile, at work.. and short on time, but felt it was an important message to get out.

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I gave my voting away via proxy to @theycallmedan . I assume he is keeping up the proper votes. I'm surprised to see a few high value accounts voting for Justin's witnesses. It makes me mad

05.03.2020 20:11

Can you help me understand you position? I dont want to fight, but Im pretty sure I disagree with your position, and Id love to better understand your point of view.

In a nut shell, my opinion is: Justin, like him or not, bought Steemit inc, and Ned had the keys to the "ninja stake" therefore ned owned that stake, and so had the right to sell it to Justin Sun.

Do you agree with that?

If so, then the only remaining question to me is:

  • is it in the code that those steem cannot be used to vote for consensus, or witnesses?

If the code said so, then Justin cant vote. If the code doesnt say so, then he can.

Whether Ned did use that power or not is irrelevant as I see it.

But again, just trying to understand your point of view. Not trying to be difficult. Please take my thoughts and comment with passion and interest but nothing more.

05.03.2020 20:21

my position is that we have a community here and if justin bought it to allow steemit to continue as a separate entity from the tron ecosystem he should get to know how the community runs. If he bought it to bulldoze it and destroy it then I'm opposed to that and don't support him. I think witnesses should have some experience in the community and earn the right to be witnesses. I can't support witnesses that just showed up in a block of 20 and control everything. I like things more decentralized.

05.03.2020 21:46

I agree generally with what you've said here.

Particularly around the idea of "if he bought it to bulldoze it... then Im opposed."

I think this is the heart of the conversation. Is he a bad actor? Lots of people think yes. And they point to what he said about migrating to tron... but where I differ on that point is that it seems to me he didnt understand what he was saying.

That is not feasible or really possible. If he insists we do that, he is hostile.

I think the initial indications that this is what he wanted were in part his own lack of understanding, and in part just a excessive exuberance.

And I would point to the fact that those posts have been deleted and retracted as evidence: Evidence that this is no longer their position.

So what is his position/intention? Seems to me this simple: he wants to make money.

It sounds like from the most recent releases Ive seen, he wants to add value, raise the token price, sell some of the tokens to extract his initial costs and then sit on the rest, without direct oversight on Steemit inc, and/or Steem.

Seems like lots of people dont see it my way because they expect him to dump the ninja stake, or try to force Steem to merge with Tron, and neither are acceptable.

I would add that Ned was selling the Ninja stake too, so if Justin wanted to sell some or all of it, but was adding value to Steem by attracting attention, then we might kill two birds with one stone.

Get rid of the dreaded, maligned, ninja stake, and disinvolve Justin Sun. But if I were him, Id want that stake in my possesion, not frozen.

Anyways, thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.

In the end, lets just all hope this resolves itself SOON!

Steem is climbing, and the attention this is bringing is so far helping price, but we need to resolve it and move on. Hopefully amicably.

05.03.2020 22:51

lets hope you are right. It seems that buying all that steem to merge it into the tron blockchain somehow and destroy steemit would cost him a ton of money. But since he bought all that steem it seems he would want it to moon and spend time promoting it because it is such a great blockchain. But I think that since tron is his baby he wouldn't want to admit that steem was better. I'm hoping he is just an investor in steem and lets the community run it and use his expertise to promote it. I hope he doesn't ruin it. I was never interested in Tron and don't think I will ever be

06.03.2020 00:01

He is currently voting for Netuoso, yes. Decent proxy there even if I disagree with a few choices. I think Dan has been very intelligent in this situation and think anyone who feels uncomfortable making those decisions now, proxying to him is a fair choice imo.

05.03.2020 21:17

Once the dust settles, for sure I'll be readjusting my votes. These folks who lost support took one for the team. They will not be neglected after all is said and done.

05.03.2020 20:16


05.03.2020 20:21

That's fine, but don't put him on the call with Justin again. Way too emotional and hostile to get meaningful negotiations done. This is business.

05.03.2020 21:08

I don’t control what others do, or how a meeting goes.. if I did that call (which was short notice and unplanned) would have gone completely differently, and there would be no town halls where few are acting as if they speak for all.

This post is about having technical people in place for security reasons, that’s it.

05.03.2020 21:15

Those town halls are a huge waste of breath.

05.03.2020 21:38

He's a child.

06.03.2020 01:11

Fully agreed.

10.03.2020 15:02

Dont listen to her shes Justin Sun with a pout, drops mic, kicks it off stage, grabs beer, walks off!

05.03.2020 21:16

Lol.. get me a beer while you’re at it.. I need one

05.03.2020 22:24


I think we all need to just take some time out, you know that “it’s not you, it’s me moment” maybe take some DMT grow some green beans and get a more salt of the earth perspective and then come back and discuss things again

05.03.2020 22:56

ok thanks,

@justineh who do you think are are best negotiators / business people in the witness ranks?

i.e who could get deals done with jstint

05.03.2020 21:22

You’re trying to get me in trouble 😄

But I’m honest to a fault.. so here goes nothing -

It depends on your goals to be honest, each individual may have a different end goal here and therefore the discussion would go differently.

For me personally I would (and have voted) to see Blocktrades as the front man in any meeting. He not only understands the technical limitations of the chain, helped actually develop it, etc but also has an insider look at Steemit inc and the sale itself. He is also someone who Eli apparently requested to not be there.. even more reason imo - they know they can’t fool him. His goals are lined up with mine, he’s and intelligent individual with business experience as well.

Another would be Crimsonclad (followbtcnews), as while she never takes center stage, she is extremely knowledgeable and diplomatic. She knows this community and chain inside and out.

I also think Starkerz would be a good choice for a meeting, but he’s not currently in the top witnesses etc.. but would feel comfortable with him being in a meeting like this. I don’t necessarily think this is a place for top witnesses only tbh.

I will say that those I want nowhere near it would be Aggroed, thecryptodrive, or klye.. and I don’t care if I take heat for that.

That’s my honest opinion; and only that. 🙂

05.03.2020 21:46

thank you

oh and appreciate the honesty, courage

05.03.2020 22:16

Oh, I had no idea about Eli & Blocktrades... Would it be possible to hear/read the full story somewhere?

06.03.2020 00:25

There isn’t much of a story. It was said they want to have a meeting.

cool Blocktrades should play point man...

oh she said they prefer to not have him there...

yeah who cares what they want.

That’s my translation of the convo.. it was a very short part but yeah.

06.03.2020 02:42

Hmm, I see... Thanks for sharing though, I appreciate it.

06.03.2020 13:22

I agree for your choice of @netuoso, I also agree with what you said:

I don’t necessarily think this is a place for top witnesses only tbh

when it comes to the best negotiators. There are also people outside the top 20 Witnesses with a perfect knowledge of Steem, its history, its international community and knowing how to express themselves with reason, serenity and objectivity. From my point of view, the presence of this kind of person at the negotiating table is essential to its success.

06.03.2020 07:32

after listening to the first meeting between JSun and witnesses, I have to agree that @starkerz is one of the few top witnesses who came off well. Most of them couldn't seem to get past the butthurt aggression phase, which is useless in working toward a win win scenario. And of course while I agree totally with premise that technical witnesses are needed and agree with a vote for @netuoso, I also have to agree with @jrcornel below that he shouldn't be in a forward facing position in meetings with JSun and Tron. To say he came off as un-diplomatic in that meeting would be understatement of century LOL

07.03.2020 00:23

I'm sorry, are we being diplomatic to a terrorist that is holding the blockchain hostage? Yeah, keep me out of that shit please.

07.03.2020 03:45

don't take offense dude - I absolutely think you should be a top witness. Your comment reply here is pretty much exactly the point I was making - you don't think you should be diplomatic, so why in the world should you be included in diplomacy? It is a contradiction in terms.

07.03.2020 04:01

Diplomacy at it's finest! =D

Just keep on speaking the truth. Let the chips fall where they belong.

09.03.2020 03:48

Just don’t Vote netuoso & unvote blockbrothers. They chose to stand with Justin.

05.03.2020 21:26

hmm interesting. might need to find out why

05.03.2020 21:36
06.03.2020 00:30

Yes I didn’t want to call anyone out in the post but I believe both blockbrothers and Steemhunt have backed Tron now. This is dangerous imo.. and people should vote accordingly.

05.03.2020 21:47

Steemhunt's witness is deactivated and blockbrothers' backing is already too low for them to get anywhere near consensus. Steemhunt is in Sun's camp (votes for sock puppets). Does blockbrothers do so?

11.03.2020 08:52

I've been voting them thru all this and will continue to. All 3 have been outspoken and great for the chain.

05.03.2020 22:07

Twas great to do bowling with you in Krakow. Let’s carry the spirit on and ‚play‘ this game. Steem on!

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05.03.2020 22:18

Thanks a lot for sharing the name of a worthy witness to vote on. I willunvote for sure those who accepted the bribe by tron. I hope you will inform us more about what's going on. I think the community needs and trust your opinion.

05.03.2020 22:37

I've readjusted my votes as it seems the important matter was getting any top 20 of our own real humans in the witness spots. However, I have voted for many witnesses I know little to nothing about, something I don't feel too comfortable with. As @nonameslefttouse stated, I too will be adjusting my votes again once all the dust settled.

05.03.2020 23:08

I honestly feel too stupid when it comes to these stuff. Will you be kind and explain what I should be looking for in a good witness?

06.03.2020 06:06

Vote for those who have a proper avatar and don't run version 0.22.5.

10.03.2020 07:24

Sorry I have no idea what you are talking about! lol

12.03.2020 06:25

If your go to the Witness page

it becomes pretty obvious:


How could you miss the grey band default avatar and blue marked version 0.22.5 of sock puppet accounts?

You can vote for anyone who doesn't have a default avatar and doesn't run version 0.22.5.

12.03.2020 07:48

Done! Thank you for your help. I didn't know that website.

13.03.2020 07:39

It's 10/10 again — looks like it worked ;-)

13.03.2020 09:55

Totally agreed, i think agro mentioned him beeing great leader while witnesses discussed soft fork limitations. Kinda trust that guy.

Will realocate my votes as soon as we regain governance.

Edit: i already voted for him, lol.

06.03.2020 08:55

@justinsunsteemit is still powering up and faster then we can counter vote. We are loosing.

10.03.2020 07:22

Thanks for this suggestion and for your efforts in general!

06.03.2020 09:00

Hi Justine,
30 votes rule is as bad as what exchanges have done using customers funds without consent, and take over was possible due to 30 votes rule.
I have asked about 10 witnesses for a comment - none did. Very telling!

06.03.2020 09:41

Considering that 11 witnesses in the to 20 are enough for a super majority having 30 votes was a mistake. But since @justinsunsteemit has tasted the power of the twenty sock puppets I don't think this problem will ever be addressed.

Instead I fear that @justinsunsteemit will power up until he has full controls over the blockchain again.

10.03.2020 07:21

17/20 is a super majority.

The only way to address the sock puppet problem is to apply a non-linear convergent curve like in EIP to witness votes. That will force a Sybil attacker to pay a higher price or group his sock puppets behind the same proxy (a proxy should be calculated as one vote for the purposes of calculating the curve tax), which allows for the sock puppets to be recognized as representing the same entity.

10.03.2020 15:05

Yes, limiting power with a sub-linear convergent curve would have been best. But up until now most Steemians have rejected the idea.

10.03.2020 18:18

06.03.2020 16:01

This is normally how I choose witnesses and I could not speak highly enough of guiltyparties but I recently re-assigned all my votes to focus on just the top 30 ranked community witnesses. Regaining control of the chain is the top priority.

07.03.2020 02:16

Same here.

10.03.2020 07:05

Totally agree, @netuoso deserves a higher witness rank after his latest contributions.

09.03.2020 19:11

@netuoso is not a bad choice, I guess. But at this critical moment, it is a bad idea to start discussing who is the best witness. All that matters is to maximize the number of community witnesses in the top 20. Just vote on our guys in the top 50 excluding only those whose witness is no longer enabled.

10.03.2020 15:01

Dont think I said who “is the best witness” I said vote for some who actually have the technical ability to protect the chain. Many in the “top 50” can’t and are even becoming untrustworthy to protect the chain, imo, as they are making back door deals with Justin.

So again my post is suggesting those witnesses who have experience and are able to actually protect the chain.

10.03.2020 15:11

Which of the community witnesses currently in the top 20 do you suspect of becoming untrustworthy and making backdoor deals with Justin Sun - and on what grounds exactly?

Which of these community witnesses currently out of the top 20 but closest to it do you suspect of the same and on what grounds exactly?


10.03.2020 15:20

I heard rumors of certain witnesses doing this so I distanced myself from them. I think they should have an ability to speak for themselves without accusations. Though just check the post history of a couple and maybe you will find some that are sympathetic to Sun.

Regardless, I think any witness aside from the sock puppet witness is good to have in top 1-30+

10.03.2020 20:08

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into the matter.

10.03.2020 20:10

No way.
He would bend over for anyone if the price is right. No integrity at all.
But he does posses intelligence.

27.03.2020 02:21