The Breakwater Banshee


Class: Brigantine

## Length: 32 meters

Beam: 7 meters

## Depth: 4 meters

Hull: White Oak



105 to 125


Blue, Yellow, Black

A yellow skull screaming in the center with crossed blue roses, and a black background.


12 Cannon
130 Sabers
130 Pistols
130 Muskets

She bore down on the settlement with a hellish wailing. The citizens were frozen in place with terror awaiting their fate. The looming night was extinguished by the furious cannon flash and the roar of the charging pirate horde. They set every structure aflame razing the colony to rubble and ruin. The screams of women being taken will haunt me till my dying day. - Governor of North Carolina, Ashleigh Carrol (Ireland)

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A mighty fine ship she be, and few could hope to match that massive crew raging horde.

Welcome to Pirate World, me 'earty!

13.12.2019 17:00

Omg, this is so much more detailed than I had for mine.

Back to the drawing board for me I guess.

14.12.2019 01:04

My She-Shed Ship, Scarlet Reign gifts you 10 barrels of Rum for joining up, glad to be allies in the Salty Tavern..........for now! (bwahahahahahahah)

14.12.2019 04:08

Awesome ship! Super impressive that you were able to procure it!

17.12.2019 13:52