Market Friday: Time to Beef Up


marketfriday by @dswigle

The beginning of the new year. Time to stock up on some meat and staples for the first half of the year. I like to have plenty of items in the freezer and pantry so that I don't have to make several trips to the market during the month. Even though markets are nearby, I hate running out to pick up items every week or two, except perishables.

My first stop was to the meat market. I love to visit my favorite butchery, B&W Meat Co. They offer numerous types of cuts for my favorite meats.

My list prepared, we headed out across town to Houston. The trip is worth it to secure my meat supply in the quantity and at a reasonable price I've budgeted. Dark clouds were approaching, so we decided to make it a quick shopping trip.

Once we arrived, I could see we were going to experience a bit of a wait because the parking lot was crowded up front. I hurried inside to secure my customer number in line, as this market is popular in the local community.

We had a 15 minute wait, so I took this opportunity to capture all the variety of meats the store stocked. First I asked permission from the store manager.

The market sells Alligator, Rabbit, Duck, Turkey, Deer, Pork, Beef, Fish, and other seafood.

Duck Fat Spray. Haven't tried that. And how about the Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix with Jalapeno peppers. Interesting items here.

But I was there for their specialty. Sausages. The company has their own brand of homemade sausages in several flavors available for purchase. I like the beef garlic varieties of mild and hot.

In the middle of the store as soon as you walk in, there is a rack that holds several varieties of sauces for barbecues.

I perused the isles and found some interesting items. Boiled peanuts in a can with different flavors. I hadn't seen this item on the shelf before.

Also, there were two wall units, one held numerous spices and dry rubs in the store's brand for all types of meat.

The other wall unit held additional bottled sauces for a variety of meats and seafood.

The market also carries a small selection of fresh produce.

Finished with our purchases, I captured my last photo of the variety of bagged wood chips for pit masters.

Once home, it was time for me to separate my items into smaller packets and get them ready for the freezer.

Now I'm all set as far as my meat. Next market shopping outing will be for fruits and veggies suitable for freezing.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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17.01.2020 23:40

Great shots! You are lucky to have such a great butcher shop. It’s always a good sign when the customers are lining up to purchase the products.

I never heard of boiled peanuts before. 😂

19.01.2020 04:28

Hi. Me either on the boiled peanuts. The store had lots of interesting items. Some of them I hadn't seen since my childhood. You know, the brands that aren't promoted any longer, but still my favorite. One of them is the moon cookies we used to call them. They just don't make them the same anymore.

19.01.2020 04:50

Oh my hat! We have to be in and out of the shops every single day!!!!

What an awesome market and quite fascinating to see how different everything is compared to here... especially the meat selections.

What on earth would you use duck fat spray for?

19.01.2020 04:53

Hi. thanks for visiting. I have abolutely no idea what one would use duck fat spray for? Duck already is a meat that is so delicious, but tends to be greasy. Maybe for the flavor. But then you can't mix the flavor of duck with anything else, except for the rice or cornbread dressing to stuff it with.

24.01.2020 03:54

maybe to grease pans? hehe

27.01.2020 12:34

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19.01.2020 05:04

Appreciate you stopping by and highlighting my post. Thanks for the support.

24.01.2020 03:55

Boiled peanuts are really popular down south. I am not a southerner, but, I saw plenty of them there. I saw none when I lived in San Antonio.

I still miss places that carry those Texas dry rubs in abundance. Nobody does BBQ like Texas. Hands down. Sorry, the rest of you states... You want good BBQ, visit Texas. And I am not even from there. I just experienced it for a couple of years.

I will say that much as I hate crowds in a store, it speaks volumes when you have to wait for your turn because business is that good! I love it!

I love the walkabout that you gave me and I am so happy that you took us along on your shopping trip. And the bloody mary mixes are gross. Most anyway. I think a make your own is so much better. But the jolly's in it?? Yikes! LOL That would be interesting!

Thanks for joining the challenge!

MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and Steemed


24.01.2020 03:48

Hi @dswigle. Thanks so much for taking the time to view my shopping trip. Just ate some of the breakfast links this morning. This weekend, we'll have an indoor bbq with the a couple of the sausages in the stove. We'll just baste with liquid smoke to give them that grilled flavor.

Appreciate your support. I have several others pictures, but they were not as clear. Also, thunder told us it was time to head home soon.

24.01.2020 03:58

Hehe! Texas thunder wins with me every time! :)

24.01.2020 04:33
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24.01.2020 03:48

Thanks so much for the tip.

24.01.2020 03:59